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6 romantic ways to celebrate a wedding anniversary

How do you celebrate a wedding anniversary? No matter if it’s your first or your 50th, your wedding anniversary should be memorable. While the longer you’ve been married, the harder it can be to celebrate in new ways, nearly everyone has trouble coming up with something unique to mark the occasion.

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Sure, you likely have plenty of photo memories of special occasions, such as birthdays and family get-togethers, but how many do you have of your anniversary? Besides, are pictures really enough to make them unforgettable?

Chances are, you’re married to your best friend, and you want the anniversary celebration to be special. As such, we’ve come up with six ways that can help ensure that you and your loved one have a remarkable wedding anniversary.

1. Get away close to home

You don’t necessarily have to head down to the coast or jump on a plane for an exotic destination in order to have a relaxing and memorable anniversary. But, if your home is the site of your office and distance learning classroom for the kids, getting away could be more enjoyable than ever.

Extracting yourself from that routine by going to a nearby bed and breakfast for a night or two can help spice things up, give you time to focus on each other, and provide you with some time away from home without breaking the bank.

2. Something for him

Is his favourite part of the day drinking his first cup of coffee or lounging around in the evening on the couch with his preferred pillow? Even if that doesn’t describe hubby, there are plenty of personalized anniversary gifts for him that will provide him with something custom, unique, and functional for his day-to-day routine. Especially if it is going to be your first wedding anniversary, it will be great if you will give your hubby your 1 year anniversary gift that he will remember and use.

3. Something for her

While she likely has her own self-care routine, before you head out to that bed and breakfast or romantic dinner, consider treating her to a spa day. A professional facial and massage will not only relax her, but it’s also a thoughtful gift that she is likely to remember and brag about for some time to come. For an even more special time together, consider joining her.

4. Go old fashioned to celebrate a wedding anniversary

Something as simple and thoughtful as a romantic picnic can set the mood and make lasting memories. In these days of social distancing, an anniversary lunch at your favourite restaurant may not be ideal, but a picnic at the beach or your local park could be perfect.

Pick up a picnic basket, pack it with your favorite wine, cheese, fruit, and perhaps some local takeout, and enjoy the afternoon together.

A picnic basket with wine to celebrate a wedding anniversary

5. Relive those precious memories

There are likely at least two moments in your life that are special to both of you: your first date and your wedding. Your first date was a momentous occasion. After all, it’s how you got to where you are. You or your partner might even have been so nervous that you thought about using something like True Pheromones in order to make sure that they gave off the perfect first impression, even if they were a nervous wreck on the inside! To add a special touch to your anniversary, go back to where you met each other and the magic of your first date by meeting up at the location as opposed to riding together.

You can also do the same with your wedding venue or honeymoon destination. Revisiting those memorable places can help refresh your memory on how special they are to you and perhaps spark some of that romance once again.

6. Hit the open road for a short trip

No matter how long you’ve lived in the area, chances are there are some small towns nearby that you have yet to visit. Taking a short road trip and making a day of exploring somewhere new, visiting shops, eating at unique places, and simply spending quality time together is a great way to celebrate your wedding anniversary.

If your anniversary is right around the corner, make sure to bookmark this page! You’ll want to have a few ideas up your sleeve for the special day.

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