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Six reasons you should own your own home coffee machine

There is more coffee-making paraphernalia available on the market today than ever before. It can even be tough to navigate through and establish what is suitable for you. Do you want a coffee machine that does it all for you, or a simple coffee dripper that needs you to oversee the whole process?

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Whether you are looking for a bean to cup coffee machine that lets you select a brew and wait for the product, or you want to learn to be a home barista, you can enjoy the numerous benefits of coffee in the comfort of your own home.

It’s estimated that over 60% of coffee is consumed at home rather than coffee shops, bars, or restaurants. Make sure you’re doing it justice and enjoying a quality cup of coffee rather than an instant coffee that tastes less than satisfying.

In this guide, we look at the benefits of owning your own home coffee machine.

Save money on coffee shop trips with your own home coffee machine

If you are buying your coffee from high-street coffee shops, the price can very quickly add up. It’s rare to get a coffee for under £2.50 from one of these stores, even if you shop around. Even one cup a day could add up to nearly £1,000 over the course of a calendar year.

A huge amount of that is a markup added by the coffee shop, and you can make a good cup of home-brewed coffee for a fraction of the cost whether you use a bean to cup coffee machine or a simple French Press method. The cost savings can quickly become noticeable. You could save enough for a holiday over the course of a year.

You get to experiment if you have your own coffee machine

If you go to a coffee shop every day, or if you make instant coffee every day, things can get a bit boring. Lots of coffee machines including pod machines let you try loads of varieties and styles of drink. Whether you want a “Long Black” or a traditional cappuccino, you can easily prepare a variety of drinks and keep things fresh and interesting.

Learn some Barista skills by making your coffee at home

Some people like the fact that they can learn about coffee. In a few weeks, who knows? You might be on the road to becoming an aficionado. There’s something impressive and enjoyable about being able to make a beautiful coffee. You can use a steam arm and even practice your latte art with some of the coffee machines on the market. If you’re really into it, there is nothing to stop you from learning all the barista skills you need, even if you use YouTube as your tutor.

Coffee at the press of a button with a home machine

Though you can learn those barista skills if you want, you also have the option to learn no skills whatsoever if that is what you would prefer. The technology running home coffee machines has got so advanced, which means that it can be as simple as adding your ingredients, pressing a button and waiting for your delicious drink. If you don’t want to learn what roast profile is best for your coffee or what extraction time yields the best results, you don’t have to. The coffee machine can do the hard work for you. You can learn about automated coffee technology and find your perfect match on Coffeeness.

A home coffee machine with some plants

Get your early caffeine injection at home

Don’t want to go to the coffee shop first thing? You don’t have to leave the home to get a decent cup of coffee. On top of that, if you buy a high-tech machine that has a compatible app or a timer, you can even get your coffee brewing from the comfort of your bed, ready for the early morning caffeine hit many of us need to give us that little boost. No more instant coffee when you wake up, you can enjoy the coffee beverage of your choice using a pod machine or a bean to cup coffee machine. With a timer or an auto brew function, you can even set your coffee to be ready as your alarm goes off in the morning. That ought to make those early starts a little more tolerable.

Entertain guests with your own home coffee machine

Let’s face it, when you go to someone’s house and they offer you a coffee, you’re always a little bit relieved when you see that they’re making the coffee in a quality machine rather than just grabbing the instant coffee and sticking the kettle on. We all like to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee rather than just whatever brand of instant has been on offer at the supermarket that

Coffee is not just something we drink, it’s part of our culture, and sitting with friends and enjoying a cup of java is a social activity, too. Instead of having to go to the coffee shop for your next meeting, why not have the coffee shop in the comfort of your own kitchen?

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