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5 Tips for Post-Surgery Care

Following a breast lift, you will likely experience a few uncomfortable symptoms that require a considerable amount of rest. It is not always clear what level of rest is needed to recover from breast lift surgery, as some heal faster than others. Although individual circumstances are always something to consider, in this article, we discuss some of the common ways to handle self-care during those first post-surgery months, so you can properly heal and get back to feeling your best.

This is a guest post in collaboration with Alycia Coloma.

Here are five tips for post-breast lift surgery care.

1. Know your recovery timeline

There are general symptoms you can expect to endure following breast lift surgery. Be prepared to take at least two weeks to heal from breast tenderness and swelling. If you experience bruising, it will also take around two weeks for bruises to heal. Particularly for these first weeks, you want to do all you can to limit your movement so that your breasts can recover as quickly as possible. After about six weeks, you should be able to return to your normal activities without feeling very much (or very intense) discomfort.

2. Tend to emotions as part of your post-surgery care

Many people attest to feeling emotionally vulnerable following surgery. You may also be feeling bored with fewer things to do while on bedrest. Consider journaling or meditating as emotional outlets, and do your best not to let your feelings fester. It is normal to feel vulnerable after enduring surgery, so be sure to remind yourself that you are justified in feeling however vulnerable you’re feeling during this time.

3. Follow a healthy lifestyle: carefulness of breast lift scars

To recover after surgery, be sure to follow a healthy lifestyle which includes reducing your vulnerability to the elements. Healthy eating in this situation means avoiding the worst foods for increased swelling, like salty foods. Know that breast lift scars are susceptible to discoloration in the first few months of healing, so it’s best to avoid sunlight until this time has passed. Additionally, for the first few days of recovery, your doctor may suggest that you avoid bathing and showering so that your incisions can stay dry. When it’s time to go to sleep, sleep on your back for two weeks to prevent pressure on your breasts. These are all good ways to ensure you’re taking good post-surgery care of yourself.

4. Know what to wear and look out for

There are additional risks associated with excessive movement during this time, such as increased stress on incisions and added swelling to the breast area. Avoid lifting heavy objects for six weeks to allow your chest muscles to heal. Be sure to wear supportive garments for several weeks as your body heals. After six weeks, you should be able to wear your regular bra and return to work. You may be able to return to work at the four-week mark, depending on how well you’ve recovered.

5. Set realistic expectations for your post-surgery care

Post-surgical care is also about setting realistic expectations for your results. Cosmetic surgeries seek to provide satisfactory results to the patient, but this satisfaction should be realistic and practical. You may be left with some minor scarring and should find a way to appreciate your results and reduce the need to focus on any remaining imperfections.

The bottom line

Recovering from surgery takes time and patience. Look forward to the results coming your way after your recovery period ends so that the process feels a bit easier! Follow the suggestions in this list, and rest assured, knowing that you are doing all you can to care for yourself during this time.

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