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7 brilliant tips on how to raise an inquisitive child

Do you want to know how to raise an inquisitive child? As a parent, it can sometimes feel quite irritating when our children are asking relentless questions, but their inquisitive nature is crucial for their learning.

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It encourages them to be observant and view the world from a different perspective, opening up so many new opportunities. This is exciting for little people, who are still figuring out how everything works. With that said, you should try and encourage your child to be inquisitive, using the following tips from a boarding school in Wiltshire.

Encourage an open mind to raise an inquisitive child

If you want your child to be curious, they will need to be open to new concepts. Remind them that it’s ok to change their mind when presented with new information, because what they previously believed might not have been true. Let them know that its perfectly normal to be wrong sometimes and that even adults don’t know everything, as there’s still so much to learn.

Let them dig deeper to become inquisitive

By taking things at face value, your child will lose their inquisitive side. If they ask you a question, don’t just answer them and then change the subject. Allow them to explore the topic and potentially encourage them to do some further research so that they can truly understand.

Make learning fun is a great way to raise an inquisitive child

Try and find ways to incorporate learning experiences into your family life. By helping your child see that learning can be fun, they will naturally want to ask more questions and take their understanding one step further. Messy play is a great opportunity to make learning fun and it allows your child to experiment and explore without too many limitations. You could also play some educational board games and visit museums and art galleries.

Changing your routine might help

Routine is certainly important for children because it helps them feel secure and organised, but sometimes its important to mix things up and open the door to new opportunities. If your child experiences new locations, meets new people and tries new things, their curiosity will thrive. Why not try a new recipe for dinner or find an event in a different town? This will help show your child that the world is far bigger than what they’ve become accustomed to.

Start a “Curiosity Box”

Find a shoe box or something similar and encourage your child to fill it with new items they come across on their travels. For example, if they find a conker when you’re walking through the woods, they can learn where it came from and then add it to their box, so that they don’t forget. With each new experience, they can swap out the old items for some new ones.

Encouraging reading will help to raise an inquisitive child

Reading allows children to experience different worlds and sparks their imagination. With that said, make sure they have access to lots of reading material of varying genres. Perhaps you could take them to the library and encourage them to pick out their own books.

Be a good role model

Children learn how to behave by observing those close to them, so if you want them to be inquisitive you will have to be inquisitive yourself. Ask questions of your own and share your thoughts, like “I wonder where this apple was grown” or “where does this rain come from?”. If your child sees that it’s ok to ask questions and voice an opinion, they will do the same.

If your child is inquisitive and shows an active desire to learn, they are more likely to be successful. Curiosity is important for excelling at a certain subject and even in a job because it allows a person to remain interested, expand their knowledge and become more competent.

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