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The difference between moissanite and a diamond – what sets them apart?

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then what could you call moissanite? A stone commonly used in place of diamonds in engagement rings or wedding bands, moissanite rings have been a trendy, less expensive substitute for diamonds for several years. But what is the difference between moissanite and a diamond?

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Moissanite is a great choice for a beautiful engagement ring if you are trying to be economical. This is the breakdown of all you need to know about moissanite.

These days more and more couples are choosing moissanite for their engagement rings, because of its stunning appearance, strength, and cost-effectiveness.

Difference between moissanite and a diamond – two stones of unique distinction

When used in engagement rings, moissanite and diamonds are often compared on their brilliance, colour, and strength. That being said, on closer inspection, there are a number of important differences that can be seen. The most apparent difference is that the two gemstones are completely unique in chemical composition, physical and visual characteristics. Moissanite is composed of silicon carbide, where diamonds are pure carbon. When comparing refractive indices, moissanite sparkles more brilliantly than diamond.

A gemstone’s ability to reflect light is known as brilliance, and this is what gives it a sparkling appearance. As you can see in these engagement rings. The two stones in question both sparkle but in different ways, and this is due to their distinct facet patterns. ‘Fire’ or light dispersion refers to a gemstone’s ability to break down light into the bare spectrum, or rainbow, by way of double refraction.

What is a conflict diamond?

Conflict diamonds have been the funding source of destructive and debilitating civil unrest in various regions across Africa, resulting in the loss of countless lives.

These stones, known as conflict or ‘blood’ diamonds, are linked with gross violations in human rights, abuse, exploitation, and environmental destruction. Diamond alternatives, such as moissanite, are a more socially responsible option. This is because they are created in a closed, controlled environment, using state of the art scientific methods. There is no possible link to any human suffering.

There is little to no environmental impact since there is no need for mining or harvesting. In addition, if you are looking to be even more environmentally sustainable, you can have your jewellery created using reclaimed or recycled metal.

An engagement ring showing the  difference between moissanite and a diamond

Difference between moissanite and a diamond is the price

The main consideration when it comes to the choice between diamond and moissanite engagement rings is the cost.

The price of moissanite jewellery depends on size and quality of the gems. While with a diamond you will consider the cut, clarity, colour, and carat weight of the stone. Laboratory created diamonds also carry a lower price point than mined diamonds. At the end of the day, you will buy moissanite jewellery in the same size and setting as a diamond for a fraction of the price. And you could always buy a jewellery tool to keep at home for when you want to clean your jewellery.

The mining industry has always been fraught with controversy. This is mainly due to the heavy pollution and negative environmental impact caused by the required machinery. In addition, miners typically receive extremely low salaries, and are expected to operate in dangerous, unstable circumstances. For this reason, ethically minded people often go for a more socially responsible option such as lab-created moissanite when choosing their jewellery.

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