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Cuddledry hooded towels review – a total game changer for bathtime or swimming with kids

Cuddledry hooded towels may have just changed my life. 

Okay, this might seem like a slight over-exaggeration, but it’s true. 

I have been gifted two Cuddledry towels in return for an honest review. This post also contains an affiliate link.

If you’ve got twins, or even just more than one young child, you will totally get what I mean. 

All I need to do is mention the word ‘swimming’ and I bet you’re already nodding. 

Taking small children swimming is a nice thing to do. Getting them changed afterwards is not. That’s just the way it is. 

Being responsible for drying off and changing more than one small person at a time is, shall we say, a bit of a nightmare. Particularly when the changing rooms are freezing cold and the kids are shivering. 

Not only would you be freezing yourself, you’d have to choose which child you’d dry off first, and which you’d leave being a chilly, whinging mess. 

I was dreading it when my three year old twins started a new swimming lesson and I knew I had to take them by myself. How was I supposed to change both of them on the side of the pool (thanks, Covid) without one of them kicking off that they’re cold? 

Twin brothers wear swimming costumes, hats and goggles before their lesson

It was already the first time they would have been in the water on their own at a new pool with a new teacher. I didn’t need this on top too! 

Cuddledry hooded towels saved the day at swimming lessons

And this my friends, is where Cuddledry comes in. To save the day. 

The bamboo hooded towels are so thick, cosy and warm, that I’ve literally been able to wrap them both up and am happy that they’re warm enough to take it in turns to get dressed.  

I’d heard these things were good from a friend, but I didn’t realise how good. Twin One gets out of the pool about a minute before his brother as they take it in turns to jump in at the end. So that’s just enough time for me to strip him off and wrap him in the Cuddleroar dino towel and plonk him on a chair nice and cosy. 

Then I use the other Cuddledry to dry off Twin Two, whilst Twin One sits happily (and quietly!!) pretending to be a dinosaur. It’s super cute, actually. 

The best bit is that by the time it’s his turn he is pretty much bone dry already, just from sitting in the towel. I told you these things are great, didn’t I?

Worth every penny to make swimming trips easier

I know I’m getting very enthusiastic about a towel, but when you know how badly this situation COULD be, you’ll appreciate my excitement. They are totally worth investing in, purely for swimming lessons if you ask me. 

Twin brothers sit on chairs poolside both wearing Cuddledry dino towels

And even if you only have one child and think you don’t need them, think again. A friend of mine took her daughter to the same swimming lessons we used to go to. The ones where we had to go in too. She’d wrap up her two year old in the towel and change herself first. By the time she was dressed, her little one was dried off just from sitting there cosily, and happy as Larry! 

But why just use them for swimming lessons, when bathtimes can be just as much ‘fun’ too? If your house is anything like mine, there is no such thing as a relaxing, calming bath before bedtime. With three boys on the loose, bathtime just serves to wind them up even more so it’s noisy and hectic!

The worst thing though is when you’re doing it by yourself, and you’re struggling with how to get them out and dressed one at a time without needing to leave one in the bath momentarily. As that’s apparently a big no no. 

Three year old twin boys wearing Cuddledry hooded towels after a bath

Cuddledry hooded towels make bath time so much easier

Cuddledry saves the day yet again in my book! I would normally get one out and take them into their room to get dried and dressed whilst my husband stays in the bathroom with the others. But if either of us are on our own, we can now wrap up the first child in the Cuddledry towel. And know they’re nice and warm, and drying off as they charge around the upstairs of our house like lunatics. Then you can get the other one out. It basically means that you don’t need two people to do bathtime, which can only be a good thing, right? Especially for the one that DOESN’T have to do it…

Cuddledry is a small British business based in Somerset which was created by parents to make life easier and more fun for other parents, carers and little ones. 

Ethical and earth-friendly products

They do everything they can to produce the most ethical, earth friendly products possible and to make the softest, safest, best quality range for us parents to choose from. 

We’ve got two of the Cuddleroar bamboo soft hooded towels that transform my twins into little dinosaurs. They also come in dragons, pandas, bunnies and pandas too.

They’re made with Cuddledry’s signature blend of soft bamboo and cotton towelling which is super-absorbent.

They come in two sizes for 1-3 year olds and 3-6 year olds (which are 90cm long and 130cm wide) so they are BIG. There’s nothing worse than still trying to dry your kids off in those hooded baby towels we all had when they were newborns and realising that it barely covers their bottoms! 

With these there is tons of fabric to wrap them up in and my boys love the cosy hoods. Obviously their favourite bit are the dinosaur spikes and tail, and the towels are great for encouraging imaginative play. This pair are dinosaur-mad, so the towels are just perfect. 

Personalise Cuddledry hooded towels for a perfect gift

You can also have the Cuddledry products personalised with a name embroidered on the front edge, so they can make a great gift. And something that us parents will use for such a long time. I just wish I’d discovered them earlier!

Other products in the award-winning Cuddledry range include the ‘hands-free’ baby towel. It has a clever apron design so the parent wears it around their neck so it not only keeps them dry, they can then lift and wrap their baby quickly and easily.

Mum wears a Cuddledry hands free towel to dry her baby off after the bath

Pop the hood over the baby’s head and then literally do what it says on the tin – cuddle them dry. There’s no more struggling to hold a slippery wet baby and get them into a towel. They have a double layer of towelling and are as long as a normal adult bath towel. 

It’s so simple but it’s genius!

Other products available look just as fab

Also available is the Cuddletwist hair wrap bamboo towel. If your children have longer hair this will make drying it quick and easy. You just put the towel on the child’s head, twist at the back and secure into the stretchy loop on top. And luckily they are big enough for adults too, as I totally need one of these in my life!

Four girls wear Cuddletwist towels to dry off their wet hair

So basically whether you want to make life easier at swimming or bathtime for unruly preschoolers like mine. Or ensure your little babies are warm and snug straight out of the bath (without you getting soaked). Cuddledry seem to have it covered. Click here to buy yours.

I just wish I wasn’t so late to the party and got these years ago! 


How did I do?

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