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8 amazing benefits of dance for preschool children

Anyone who has had a chance to witness pre-schoolers grooving to music can’t help but break out a big smile. Children love the feeling of moving their bodies to the tunes being played for them, be it at school, at church, or even at home. Dance for preschool children is hugely important.

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But have you ever stopped to consider that music and dance could act as more than mere fun activities for the kids? There are many benefits that come from pre-schoolers taking part in performing arts.

And if you’re unsure of how your child is progressing in these arts, you can always use the EYFS assessment tracker from Educater to track their progress!

8 Benefits of dance for preschool children

1. Perseverance and self-motivation

Studying dance allows the students to learn perseverance and self-motivation. It encourages them to learn how to experiment and find different ways of solving problems that arise in their everyday lives. Dance allows them to understand and appreciate the importance of trial and error.

2. Memory enhancement

Dancing helps to boost memory recall and prevents the formation of certain diseases as they continue to age. Researchers believe that dance can assist in reversing volume loss in the areas of the brain that deal with memory control. It’s an area that begins to shrink as one ages. So dance for preschool children means they are starting this process early.

3. It promotes healthy physical development

According to the National Dance Education Organization, dancing involves a wide range of motions, endurance, strength, and coordination compared to other physical activities. Dance allows the children to use their whole bodies. It offers them opportunities to develop:

  • Spatial awareness
  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Fitness

4. Dance for preschool children challenges the brain

Anyone who has tried tap dancing understands what this point is all about. The brain powers the kids need to access for dance require them to focus on the constant change of movement and recalling different patterns and moves. It serves as an excellent form of mental exercise for their minds.

5. It helps in cultivating communication skills

Using actions, rhymes, and songs to bring kids together allows them to connect and interact with their peers. Through this, they learn how to listen and communicate effectively. It helps to boost their self-confidence levels and prepares them for the life ahead.

6. Stress reducer

There’s nothing better than dance and music to help the young ones unwind after a long day of learning. It offers an opportunity for the kids to divert their attention from what’s happening around them, be it at school or home. Dancing with other kids can help lower their stress levels.

7. Dance is inclusive

Anyone can take part in a dance. As long as they can move one part of their bodies, that means they can dance. It serves as an equalizer, which is why it’s popular even with kids who don’t like to engage in physical activities.

8. Dance for preschool children helps kids to express themselves

Are they tired, nervous, happy? Taking part in creative activities enables the kids to release their built-up emotions and begin expressing their feelings. It’s an excellent opportunity for children who aren’t yet able to put their thoughts into words.

Conclusion on benefits of dance for preschool children

Dance has a significant impact on creative learning in children. It advances the importance of social inclusion and teamwork. Children who participate in performing arts, such as dance, become more motivated, expressive, and engaging.

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