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Four simple ideas on how to celebrate Halloween at home

Celebrating Halloween at home – there are many ways you can go about having fun at Halloween. You can go trick-or-treating around your neighborhood and stock up on as much candy as possible. Or you can have a Halloween party and invite all your friends. You can go pumpkin picking and check out a haunted house.

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Or, you can celebrate Halloween right from the comfort of your own home. If going out on Halloween isn’t really your thing, just celebrate Halloween at home! You can have just as much fun at home, without having to socialize with a bunch of people.

Spending Halloween at home doesn’t have to be boring. If you’re thinking of keeping your celebrations low-key this year and want to stay in the confines of your own living room, here are some ideas of how to celebrate Halloween at home:

Celebrating Halloween at home

1. Do a candy taste test

One of the best parts of Halloween is undeniably the candy. When else do you have access to so much candy at your fingertips? So a great way to celebrate Halloween at home is with a candy taste test. Stop at your local grocery store and stock up on as much candy as you can find. Now is the perfect time to get your hands on all the candy you see in stores but never actually buy. Not to mention there’s tons of fun candy around Halloween, like zombie skittles and green KitKats.

2. Dress up at home

Just because you’re spending Halloween at home doesn’t mean you can’t dress up. Everyone should put a costume on at some point during Halloween, even if you don’t plan on going anywhere. Mens costumes aren’t always easy to figure out, which is why it’s a good idea to keep things simple, especially if you’re staying at home. Putting on a simple skeleton costume should be enough to get you in the Halloween spirit.

Toffee apples for children celebrating Halloween at home

3. Hand out candy

So maybe you won’t be taking part in the actual trick-or-treating this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still hand out candy. Handing out candy is a fun way to take part in the Halloween festivities without having to actually leave your home. And if handing out candy isn’t really your thing, you can leave a candy bowl outside for trick-or-treaters to take for themselves.

4. Play Halloween Games

If you’re planning on spending Halloween at home with your kids this year, you definitely need to think of ways to keep them entertained. Not even endless candy can keep kids busy for that long. A great way to celebrate Halloween at home and entertain your kids is with Halloween games. You can bob for apples, make each other into mummies with toilet paper, experiment with arts and crafts, play pin the tail on the witch cat, and so much more. You can even break out a Halloween board game, which is bound to entertain your kids for hours. Playing games with your family is a great way to spend quality time together, without having to leave the house or make elaborate Halloween plans.

When you think of Halloween, you think of going trick-or-treating with your neighbors or getting all dressed up to go to a big party. But celebrating Halloween doesn’t have to involve socializing or even leaving your house at all. You can easily have a fun and exciting Halloween right from the comfort of your own home. You just have to be creative with it!

Whether you take part in a candy taste with a few friends or play games with your family, any of these are great ways to celebrate Halloween at home.

What do you do for Halloween?

Four simple ideas for celebrating halloween at home

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