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Laser hair removal in Plymouth – what it is and where to go for it

Fed up with constantly shaving or waxing to get rid of all that unwanted body hair? Have you ever thought of a more permanent hair reduction solution? If you’re looking for Laser hair removal in Plymouth, I’ve been going to the Hyde Park Laser Clinic and have seen fantastic results. 

This is a collaborative post – I was gifted a free course of treatment in return for some Instagram content, but was so impressed I thought it deserved a permanent blogpost too! 

Let’s face it, us mums are busy people. Whether we’re working full time or mumming full time or a mix of both, we barely get the chance to look after ourselves. So addressing unwanted hair is often not a priority. 

But what if you could reduce it significantly, without having to go to monthly waxing appointments or reaching for the razor every few days? Think of that silky smooth skin we could have!

Not counting those that like to go ‘au naturel’, I’m guessing there are a LOT of us out there who could do without the absolute faff of getting rid of all that hair that we simply wish wasn’t there.

The areas you can have laser hair removal

And I’m not just talking about hairy legs, I’m talking about underarms, the bikini area, upper lip, those annoying chin hairs that seem to sprout overnight once you turn 40, and many other places for some people. 

I’m a fan of waxing and have my legs done regularly, but the worst bit is always having to let the hair grow enough, isn’t it? I remember having my underarms waxed once and said never again after feeling like flipping Big Foot for the week before the appointment. 

Pip from Hyde Park Laser Clinic

So when I was given the chance to try some laser hair removal sessions on my underarms, the first thing I asked was do I have to be hairy beforehand. It was going to be a big fat no, if that was the case. But Pip at the Hyde Park Laser Clinic in Plymouth assured me I actually had to be clean shaven, and at no point did I have to ‘let it grow’. Phew! 

So after an initial consultation and a patch test, I had my first treatment, and I tell you what, it was brilliant. So quick and easy – the actual time it took to carry out the treatment was ONE MINUTE 19 SECONDS! 

I’ve just come to the end of my treatment programme and have been going every 6-8 weeks, and had 8 sessions. Some people could probably have it done much quicker, with sessions every 4-6 weeks but it appears I have very stubborn hair – but skilled therapist Pip still managed to sort it! 

It is advised to have a minimum of 6 treatments to get the best results. Some people will need more depending on different things such as hormonal imbalances. The number of treatments depends on the treatment area of the body,  hair type such as colour and thickness of hair, skin type and the specific features of each person. 

If you need further sessions after the 6, Pip offers a discounted single session price. And some people may need a top up session for touch-up treatments in the future. That’s because some hair follicles can lay dormant or sometimes hair growth is stimulated after pregnancy, menopause or by taking certain medications for hormonal imbalances. So you can’t say it’s an absolute permanent solution and your hair will never grow again. But you’ll certainly see long-lasting results and a LOT less hair growth or new growth.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

Whilst it can never be guaranteed that laser treatment gets rid of every single hair, and everyone is obviously different, at the start of my sessions, Pip told me to expect that I’ll have a 85-90% reduction in hair. But to be honest I think I have an even higher percentage than that which is great. 

And you know what people, the winter is the time to start it. You can’t expose the treated area to any sun, so whilst we’re still all hankering down in this awful weather and jumping on the hooded blanket bandwagon (me!), we might as well be using the colder months to ‘sort ourselves out’ hairwise. Then I’ll be emerging like a beautiful butterfly from my cocoon come the Spring – my armpits and I!

The laser hair removal system achieves optimal results on dark hair with pigment in it, is virtually painless (it’s like a tiny scratch but that’s it, believe me), and can eliminate shaving rash, dark patches, ingrowing hairs, ‘strawberry’ legs, and means there’s no need to wax or grow your hair for removal. I personally wouldn’t even say it’s a slight discomfort and the recovery time is next to nothing. Pip can also use an ice-pack to numb the skin before the treatment process, then you hardly feel a thing! 

And it is perfect for people who suffer from medical conditions like polycystic ovaries and their hormones cause hair growth in various places. Even men are having it done on their chests, shoulders, backs and well, anywhere they’ve got hair! 

  • Hyde Park Laser clinic in Plymouth
  • Hyde Park Laser clinic in Plymouth
  • laser hair removal in Plymouth, Hyde Park Laser Clinic's Pippa operates the laser machine on Helen's underarms

So how does laser hair removal actually work?

Here’s the sciency bit. The laser beam emits a light energy, which is then converted into heat. The melanin (the substance that gives the hair its colour)  absorbs the laser light emitted which then destroys the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding areas of tissue. It’s pretty clever! 

Hyde Park Laser Clinic uses ridiculously fancy and high-tech Medical Grade Eneka PRO Diode Laser technology to ensure they offer the most effective laser hair removal treatments. Eneka PRO offers quick, safe and effective laser hair removal. Pip has also been highly trained in this field so is definitely an expert. Anyone can go and buy a laser machine and start offering treatments because as yet the industry isn’t regulated – so make sure you do your homework on where you go.

The benefits of the Eneka Pro include: 

  • 2000W power to guarantee the best results even after just a couple of treatments.
  • Quick, safe and effective hair removal with virtually painless treatments.
  • It is a medical grade Diode Laser and also has a cooling system.

Eneka PRO is the highest power Diode Laser platform with 2000W. It incorporates a cooling system that maintains the handpiece tip cold which minimises pain and protects the skin. So basically if you’re going to have laser hair removal in Plymouth, this is how you want to have it done. 

The Diode Laser, which Pip uses, is different to IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) devices which requires more regular and long-term treatments for hair reduction. A Diode Laser offers a more effective treatment with less patient discomfort while treating more skin and hair types than the IPL. 

  • Laser hair removal in Plymouth at Hyde Park Laser Clinic
  • An armpit having had laser hair removal in Plymouth

Benefits of laser hair removal in Plymouth

In addition to leaving you with smooth hairless skin, which is obviously all we’re thinking about, there are many other benefits to laser hair removal.

  • Reduces ingrown hairs.
  • Gets rid of razor burn / bumps.
  • Helps eliminate dark patches and hair follicles showing through the skin even after shaving.
  • Helps reduce acne and rashes from shaving.
  • And helps overall skin texture and complexion.

Hyde Park Laser Clinic also offers waxing as well as cryotherapy to remove blemishes and skin imperfections such as skin tags, sun damage, age spots, milia, warts, cherry spots and verrucae. I’ve already had one of my skin tags done too!

The lovely Pip always has some great deals on as well for you to have treatment plans for different areas done at the same time. I’d say it could get addictive. And I’m a good candidate to prove that –  seeing as I’m just starting to get my legs done too. 

But just think how amazing we’re all going to look come next summer. We’ll be chucking the razors away and never looking back! 

So if you’re thinking of ditching your usual hair removal methods and trying out some laser hair removal in Plymouth, get in touch with Pip to start your sessions.

Have you thought about laser hair removal?

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