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Do your kids want to play football? Here’s what they’ll need

Are your children asking to play football and you don’t know what they need to start? Here are some tips on what to buy them. 

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It’s the so-called beautiful game, and let’s face it, at some point in their childhood, most kids want to try out football. Whether you’re a fan of it or not, let them join a training session and see where it takes them. 

If it’s anything like my three boys – not very far! 

But if they’re serious about joining in and giving it a go, there are a few things you’ll need to get them beforehand. 

What do children need to play football? 

A football 

Okay, it might seem an obvious one, but yes, they’ll need a football! They possibly won’t need their own at a training session and not at a match if they end up in a team, but they’ll be sure to want their own for other times. Whether it’s for a kick about in the garden or at the park, it’s best to get one – and of the right size, to help them practice. 

A mini football goal

Not as important as the ball, but as they start to get more into it, you might think about buying a mini goal for at home. Might as well start them aiming right early on! 

The right football shoes

You might think they’ll need football boots right away, but that’s not necessarily the case. Chat to the coaches if you take them to a training session and see what they suggest. It’ll depend on a number of things including what type of surface they’re playing on. My boys needed special football shoes to play on astro-turf and only later needed actual football boots with studs. The coaches might say they can just play in trainers to start with which is great as you don’t want to be forking out on special shoes if they’re going to give up within a month. And let’s face it, we know that’s a possibility!

A T.shirt

If your child is in an actual football team, they will be supplied with the kit. But for training sessions they might be able to wear their own clothes. A t.shirt should be top of your list for them to wear. 

A pair of shorts

Most children wear shorts to play football, even at training sessions. It’s not a bad idea to get a dark-coloured pair considering how dirty they’re going to get if they’re playing on grass. 

A tracksuit 

A tracksuit can be the ideal thing to buy for a child who wants to play football. If it’s cold at a training session they might be allowed to wear it to play, or have it on hand for afterwards to warm them up. 

A long sleeved top

If they’re allowed to wear their own clothes, a long-sleeved top can be a great added extra to their football attire. It will give them a bit more protection from the chill on those wintry training sessions but won’t be as thick as a tracksuit top or zip-up hoodie when they’re (hopefully!) running around. 

A little boy in football kit holding a trophy

Long football socks

Children will be given long socks to wear as part of the kit if they are in a team, but it’s a good idea to get some anyway even for training sessions. 

Shin pads

Shin pads are a must for footballers – and the long socks will work alongside them. Shin pads are compulsory for matches, but the children will also wear them at training sessions too. It might be worth them even wearing them when they play at home or at the park to get them used to how they feel. 

A drinks bottle

Whenever children run around and get hot and bothered, they need a good drinks bottle on hand. These football water bottles are ideal for what they’ll need when they’re playing footie. 

Goalie gloves

So obviously not everyone will need a special kit to be a goalie, but if your child is showing signs of wanting to play in goal, or is put in that position by the coach, then they’ll let you know what you need. This might include a special padded kit, but will definitely mean goalie gloves. 

A boot bag

Not an absolute necessity as any bag will do, but if your kids get right into football and start wanting all the gear, then I’m sure a boot bag will be on their wish list! 

Shower kit

This will all depend on where they play and if there are any facilities. But if there are showers on site or you’re not going straight home after a session or game, it might be an idea to put together a kit for them to have a shower after playing – just remember the clean clothes and a bag for all the dirty kit. 


Arguably the most important on the list to any child – a snack! Playing football will work up their appetites and we all know nobody likes a hungry child. So make sure there’s something in your bag at the ready. 

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