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7 safe and eco-friendly baby products for your little one

When it comes to your little one, finding safe baby products that don’t harm them or the environment is important.

However, this is difficult with all the chemical-laden baby products on the market. Take a look at these 7 safe and eco-friendly products for your baby, so you can feel confident in your purchase decision.

This is a guest post in collaboration with Alycia Coloma.

1. Caboo Bamboo Wipes

Babies make big messes, so make sure you’ve got a safe way to clean them up with Caboo bamboo wipes. These wipes are great for nappie or diaper changes as well as general messes, as each wipe is enriched with Vitamin E, chamomile, and aloe leaf for a soothing feeling. If you’ve got a fussy baby when it comes time for nappy changes, these wipes may help.

2. Avocado Organic Crib Mattress

Sleep is important for babies and adults, so make sure your baby gets a good night’s sleep with the Avocado Organic crib mattress. With all the time your baby spends sleeping, it’s important to have a crib mattress that isn’t full of chemicals. Thanks to the Avocado Organic crib mattress, you can make sure your baby gets a good night’s sleep all the time.

3. Eco Pea Co Bamboo Diapers

Nappies and diapers come in contact with the most sensitive parts of your baby, so make sure they are protected with eco diapers, which are made from bamboo. Not only are these nappies eco-friendly, but they’re also designed to be soft and gentle. Eco Pea Co. bamboo diapers are hypoallergenic and free of fragrances and chlorine, which makes them a good choice for sensitive skin.

4. Philips Avent Glass Baby Bottles

Plastic is one of the biggest problems facing the environment today. So switching from plastic to glass baby bottles is a great way to protect the environment. Philips Avent glass baby bottles don’t leech any chemicals into your baby’s milk, and they’re also tough and easy to sterilise thanks to their sturdy glass construction. When your baby moves on from drinking out of bottles, you can recycle your Philips Avent glass baby bottles to help protect the environment.

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5. Mushie Organic Swaddles

Swaddling your baby is a bonding experience that’s special for parents and babies alike. But some swaddles are made with harsh chemicals which your baby is then exposed to. Mushie organic swaddles are a great alternative to traditional swaddles since they’re made of 100% organic cotton. Even better, you can wash these swaddles in the washing machine and they won’t be ruined or lose their softness.

6. Force of Nature Cleaning Products

Cleaning products are often packed with chemicals because those chemicals are what allow some cleaners to do their job. Force of Nature cleaning products are made without alcohol, bleach, dyes, or any other nasty chemicals. Still, their formula is powerful enough to kill 99.9% of germs, which makes this a great eco-friendly cleaner for your home even if you don’t have a baby.

7. Healthynest Laundry Detergent

It’s amazing how much laundry a single baby can create. So you need to make sure you’ve got a way to wash all those clothes. Healthynest laundry detergent is a detergent that’s designed specifically for babies. This means it’s free of harsh chemicals and dyes that are found in other detergents. If your baby has rashes or allergies as a result of the laundry detergent you use, try switching to Healthynest and see if the rashes go away.

As a parent, it’s your job to choose products that help protect your baby and the environment. Ideally, you should look for chemical-free products that are designed for sensitive skin, and fragrance-free products are even better. Try out some of these eco-friendly baby products and feel free to share any of your favourite products in the comments.

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