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How to make baby formula when you’re out and about

Do you remember those carefree days, where you could just go out at your leisure without having to remember to take a tonne of stuff? Me neither! Heading out with babies takes a lot of organisation. How to make baby formula on the go is one of those skills that you will master along the way.

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Before you even leave your home, you will need to have a plan in place for the day ahead. How long will you be out for? How many feeds will your baby need in this space of time? It is best not to mix a formula feed too far in advance as warm milk is a breeding ground for bacteria.

Making a bottle of formula on the go doesn’t have to be difficult though, with the right containers and tools you’ll have a stress-free experience. Unlike trying to balance two newborn babies on your lap to feed them like this…

A mum balancing twin babies on her knees and bottle feeding them on the floor
Not the most comfortable position!

Different ways of how to make baby formula

Make up a bottle in advance

Once a formula bottle is prepared, it can sit at room temperature for up to 2 hours, so it’s okay to prep one bottle ahead of time as long as you plan to give it to your baby within this time-frame.

Use a formula powder dispenser

One of the best ways to simplify the process of making a bottle of formula is by measuring out the formula in advance. They sell great little containers that can hold and dispense the exact amount of formula you’ll need for each bottle. I’d have been totally lost without a couple of these!

Travel bottle warmers

Portable bottle warmers quickly and safely warm your baby’s bottle on the go. With four temperatures to choose from, you’ll be able to give your baby their bottle just the way they prefer it. Plus, it’s completely cordless and holds its charge for up to 12 hours.

Baby bottles ready for use with twins
Bottles all ready to go with pre-boiled water in them

Bottles with pre-boiled water is my best tip on how to make baby formula

Make sure you have pre-filled your bottles with water. Water that has been boiled and left to cool down are the perfect solution, always test the temperature first to make sure they are not too hot. I would then take a flask of boiling water to mix in with the cooled stuff to top it up to the right amount. Then add in the powder from my funky container. Give it a shake and job done.

Pre-mixed cartons

They are a little more expensive than buying tins of powdered formula, but you can buy cartons of formula that are already pre-mixed for you. These then just need to be poured into your babies bottle and you’re all set. Despite the price, these are SUPER handy to have in the cupboard for emergencies.

Other things you will need for your baby on a day out

Muslin cloths

Keeping a few muslin cloths in your changing bag is so worth it to clean up any baby sick and to keep on your shoulder when your baby is being burped.

Baby Wipes

Essential for every trip. When do you not need baby wipes? I will carry these for the rest of my life.


You’ll often need more than you think, so buy LOTS of nappies. Or go for reusable ones.

Spare clothes

Always a good idea in case of a nappy explosion. The one day you don’t take spare clothes with you WILL be the day you need them.

It’s one thing to go out for a few hours and have to figure out how you’ll give your baby their bottle, it becomes next level when you are going on holiday or have a long road trip ahead of you! I hope these tips are useful? Breastfeeding is not easy for everybody so knowing how to go about how to make baby formula and mixing a bottle is essential knowledge for new parents.

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