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Practical gifts to buy for your children

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When it comes to birthdays, Christmases and other celebrations, we all want to get gifts that the recipient will enjoy, but for young kids, we also want to provide gifts which have a practical value for them.

Whether to pique their interest in something new or keep them equipped for their favourite activities, there’s a lot of scope for practical gifts that they will enjoy! And they can get just as much enjoyment out of non-toy gifts.

Clothes as gifts

As your children grow, they will obviously need new clothes, and this is a perfect time to provide them with some new clobber as a gift! There are lots of clothing shops on the high street already and plenty of options for kids clothes online too – the choice is yours.

Depending on your children’s age, you may want to look for clothes that include their favourite cartoon characters or their favourite colours – after all, we want them to like these clothes!

Twins in nice coats that were gifts
My twins in their matching coats.

When looking for clothes, you may want to think tactfully and consider clothing options for the coming months, to ensure they will be ready. If you have any travel plans abroad, this would also be an ideal time to get stocked up, whether for a summer holiday in the sun or a winter wonderland, getting stocked up will help you prepare for your getaway.

Give sports equipment and outdoor toys as gifts

We all want our kids to be active enough, but for some activities, they will need the right equipment to get started.

Birthdays and Christmas are the perfect time for a new bike as their “big gift”, but there are lots of possibilities to include other items for these activities.

For your avid cyclers, skateboarders and rollerbladers – they will also need helmets, kneepads and other protection to keep them safe, not just their bikes/skateboards/rollerblades.

This is also an opportunity to get them started on new outdoor activities. Games like swingball or even kid-friendly tennis kits can allow them to try some new sports in the garden.

Art equipment

Encourage their creative side with new creative opportunities!

Some kids may already be big fans of drawing or painting, and they may only want more paints and colouring pencils to keep them going. Still, for those kids who may not usually be interested, this is an opportunity to pique their interest and give it to them as a gift.

Art equipment can make great gifts
Photo by freestocks.org on Unsplash

If your child is usually reluctant, you may want to make it an involved activity for you and your child to enjoy together and have fun.

There are many options to try; colouring pencils, crayons, felt-tips and markers, paintbrushes and paints (watercolours, poster paints, foam paints, etc), modelling clay or play-dough, stickers, pipe-cleaner and craft sticks for modelling, lightboxes, colourful tapes, chalk and chalkboards, card-making and even just colourful paper to craft from!

*Featured image by Photo by freestocks.org on Unsplash

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