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Hair care and travel: Top 5 tips for beautiful hair

It doesn’t matter whether your hair has started losing its aesthetic appeal or you simply want to keep your mane healthy, everyone needs to put in a bit of work if they want beautiful hair.

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From treatments that actually work to a change of diet and routine, there are plenty of ways to maintain a healthy head of hair.

How to achieve beautiful hair

Here are a few effective tips to help you achieve luscious locks.

Moisture protein treatments

When it comes to hair products and treatments, it can be difficult to choose the ones that actually make a difference. One impressive treatment that can repair damaged hair is a moisture protein treatment, such as Olaplex. These types of treatments help improve the condition of dry hair by restoring shine and fixing split ends. Olaplex can be purchased for home use, or you can ask your regular salon to add it on your next visit.

Stimulating head massage

When it comes to relaxing spa treatments, who doesn’t enjoy a therapeutic massage? In particular, head massages stimulate your senses and can help reduce stress and anxiety. Furthermore, the touch of a professional combined with certain hair masks and oil can help encourage hair growth.

Eat well for beautiful hair

A natural way to improve the appearance of your hair is by eating nutrient-rich foods that have been linked to healthy hair. Everyone knows that a balanced diet is good for the body, but an unbalanced diet can actually affect hair health. In fact, a lack of certain minerals and vitamins, such as biotin, iron, and vitamin B and D, can actually cause your hair to deteriorate. Eating foods that are naturally rich in these minerals and vitamins can help improve your hair.

A woman with beautiful hair lies down with apples and grapes to eat healthily
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For example, a diet complemented by leafy vegetables can boost your iron intake, while eggs and fatty fish have a healthy amount of biotin and vitamins. Additionally, green tea is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, and many associate this healthy beverage with healthy hair and natural hair growth.

FUE hair transplant

In some cases, simply using the right products and eating well might not cut it. If you are experiencing rapid hair loss, a FUE hair transplant might be the best solution for you. This type of treatment involves taking hair follicles from one part of the body and transplanting it to another. This treatment has a high success rate and can help restore healthy, thick hair. If you are looking for a hair transplant in London, Harley Street Hair Clinic can advise you further.

Reduce your use of hot tools

Sometimes, the deterioration of hair health can occur due to ignorance regarding hair maintenance and upkeep. For example, regularly using hot tools for your hair can be incredibly damaging. Hair dryers, straighteners and curlers might help tame unruly hair in the short term but using them habitually can cause severe hair damage. If you simply cannot live without your hot tools, try to reduce the heat and apply protective products before you use them. Then you’ll be on your way to enjoying beautiful hair!

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Zala Hair 26/09/2023 - 5:24 am

This is a great post with helpful tips on how to keep your hair looking its best! I especially like the reminder to eat a healthy diet and get enough sleep, as these are both important for overall health and hair growth.

Irresistible Me Hair 09/10/2023 - 4:38 pm

Thank you for these amazing hair care tips!


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