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Should I set a screen time limit for my children?

How many hours does your child use gadgets or TV? Perhaps you should consider a screen time limit?

If your house is anything like mine, your kids will love using their screens. Whether it’s watching Netflix, Cbeebies, Kids YouTube or playing games, it’s what they like to do.

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And I’ll say right now, it was even worse during homeschooling, and that I have more than a little bit of mum guilt about the whole thing.

So here are a few reasons why it might be a good idea to set a screen time limit for them.

Screen time limit for children

Every child loves to use computers and mobile gadgets to watch cartoons, games, and other digital content. The potential of the Internet is virtually limitless when it comes to education. But is it necessary to control children, and how long can they watch anything without harming their health? Let’s find this out.

How screen time is harmful

According to research by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the average child spends more than seven hours in front of a laptop or smartphone screen. This negatively affects the emotional state, grades or school marks and can even contribute to obesity. The problem is that all the child’s leisure time is based on the consumption of digital content. If your son or daughter is aged from 2 to 10, then you should monitor the screen time. Another study shows that a third of the world population user of smartphone are children.

In the beginning, you will have to spend a lot of time forming the habit of watching cartoons and videos on YouTube together. If you are a student as well as a parent, it won’t be easy to find the time. Read the writing services reviews and find a company that can help you with your papers. Then you will have more time to interact with children and teach them how to use gadgets correctly.

Benefits of reducing screen time

Douglas Gentile, a social media expert, researched in 2014 and found that reducing the time spent using gadgets positively affects students’ grades or marks and also relationships with their parents. But this does not mean that you should take drastic measures. Start by gradually lowering your limit. Let’s say your child is used to the fact that screen time is not limited in any way.

Enter the five-hour limit. Then your son or daughter will understand that they will not watch cartoons or play games all day. Provide them with alternative leisure options such as playing in the garden, going for a walk, a trip to the play park, or playing sports. The screen time limit shouldn’t be spontaneous because your child should get used to the new rules. Get ready for the fact that your son or daughter will be upset initially, and their grades may become lower. Fortunately, you can always use EssayPro or any other writing service to delegate some paperwork.

Set a time for playing games and watching movies. Let your child choose the content consumption format. But you should explain that it is better not to use all 4-5 hours at a time, but to turn on your smartphone or laptop when it matters. Then your child will learn self-control and organisation.

Three brothers in pyjamas crowding round one ipad

Make screens work for you

Young children are the most sensitive to online content. They react emotionally to everything they see in games or movies. It is why you need to use the parental controls option on all of your gadgets. This means that you can configure your devices properly. For example, you can block some channels on your TV or limit the time of use.

Laptops or mobile gadgets are set up a little differently. For example, you can download applications to block unwanted search queries and any content. In addition, you can set a timer that will run for all applications used except for SMS and phone calls. Then young children will not be able to see shock content or any films with an age limit.

Be a role model when it comes to screen time limit

Until your child reaches adulthood, you will set a good example. If you want your rules to be followed, then you need to show that you are ready for a change too. Try to limit the uncontrolled use of gadgets and watching movies. It’s a good idea to give yourself a screen time limit too. Play more with your child, read books, or talk about anything. Show your kids that there are tons of fun options. This does not mean that the Internet is bad, but the screen time limit improves social skills and allows your son or daughter to keep up with their peers.

Make bedrooms screen-free

Look at your behaviour. Chances are, you often use your smartphone or tablet before bed. I know I do! Social media, videos, mini games, and other content are addictions of sorts. Have you ever had the feeling that you are no longer interested in reading posts on Twitter, but you cannot stop? Your child is experiencing the same problems. As a result, his or her body is not restored, and sleep is disrupted. If a person does not sleep at least 6-7 hours a day, then the thought processes will deteriorate.

Remember your behaviour when you were only able to sleep only 3-4 hours when kids were tiny. Most likely, you will be a little aggressive, scattered and your energy will be minimal. Enter a strict rule. All smartphones, tablets, and laptops should not work before bed. There are many applications to help you do this. Then your child will get enough sleep, and you will not have to deal with uncontrolled aggression or health problems.

Final words on screen time limit

Reasonable restrictions can benefit your child. Start with small rules and conditions. Your child should understand that there are many interesting activities besides YouTube. Set the right example and reward your child with extra time watching cartoons for good behaviour or grades. The consumption of digital content should not be addictive for children, and you have every chance to prevent it today.

Good luck! I know I’m going to need it!

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