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Managing screen time with young children – tips on how to do it

When you think about managing screen time you have to remember that these days, our lives seem to revolve around screens. Whether you’re using a computer for work, watching a film online or checking in on your social media statistics, we spend a significant proportion of the day in front of a screen. However, it isn’t only adults who use vast amounts of tech.

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Kids routinely spend a considerable amount of time using tech devices too, particularly now that so many youngsters are attending school online. If you want to ensure your child builds healthy habits, take a look at these top tips for managing screen time with young children:

Be realistic about managing screen time

Telling older kids they can only spend 15 minutes a day in front of a screen probably isn’t realistic, particularly when they’re unable to partake in their usual activities due to lockdown restrictions. Spend a few days monitoring your family’s current screen usage to get an idea of how much time each person spends using tech devices. From there, you can establish new boundaries that are realistic and achievable.

Monitor usage

Knowing what your kids are doing online is essential. No matter how old they get, you always want to ensure your kids are safe. To find out how to monitor your kid’s online activity, take a look at this page. With a mixture of parental controls, awareness and content monitoring, you can ensure that your kids use their screen time wisely and safely.

Brothers have screen time before bed, but should parents be managing screen time

Set limits for different activities when managing screen time

We use tech devices for a range of different activities, so you may find it helpful to set limits for different activities, rather than for screen time as a whole. Your kids could spend an hour gaming, followed by 30 minutes reading on a tablet, for example. Alternatively, you may want to allow your kids 20 minutes of time on video sharing sites, followed by 40 minutes on their school’s online portal and 20 minutes talking to family members on video chat.

Have ‘Screen-Free’ times

If you want to encourage your kids to do more than simply use screens, it can be useful to establish specific ‘screen-free’ times. During mealtimes, for example, you may want to ensure that everyone puts their screens away (this includes parents too!). By having established screen-free times, you can ensure that you get to spend quality time together, without any distractions. Also check out this free printable screen time chart to balance screen and play.

Make screen time active

Using a screen doesn’t mean that you have to be sitting or passively engaging with content. In fact, there are numerous ways you can be healthy and active during screen time. Playing an active sports game on a console can keep kids active, for example, while following an online exercise class can be a good way for the whole family to stay fit.

Using tech safely

In a digital era, kids grow up using screens and tech devices. While it’s good to create healthy boundaries when it comes to screen time, it’s also important to recognise the benefits that tech offers. By doing so, you can ensure your kids make the most of their screen time and stay safe online.


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