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Heading To University? Here’s How To Soothe Your First-Time Student Anxiety

University can be a tough time for many people, not only because they worry about the future, may be living away from home for the first time, but also because they have to deal with all these social concerns while also dealing with a brand new course and working hard to achieve.

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Of course, this can leave many people feeling relatively worried before they go. Unfortunately, this can leave them feeling unable to enjoy the experience, or as if they cannot get on top of their stress. If you’ve started to feel like this, never fear, it’s perfectly valid to feel apprehensive about the unknown.

That said, it might just be that realising a few things can help you more easily soothe your first-time student anxieties. In this post, we’ll discuss from the position of a graduate exactly how and why you shouldn’t worry too much.

In this post, we’ll discuss all of that and more, and how to get started.

Changes Can Be Made

Many people think of university as a fixed approach that can only ever go one way, but in many places, you can make changes, adjust your direction or orientation, and opt for something better. Course transfers, short term student accommodation should you wish to move out of your current setup, club or society transferals, all of this can help you change your approach with care and attention in the long run. Problems can be overcome, or preferences can be set.

University Support Services Are There To Help You

Many universities know the importance of sustaining the mental health and wellbeing of their student populations, and so many of them have focused on curating essential services that your course fees cover. This might include counseling in-house should you need it, debt advice and budgeting help services, or confidential reporting services should you need to note and escalate an issue you’ve been experiencing. Engage with these services if you need to. It really will make a difference in how supported you feel. Another thing to remember is to speak out if something is annoying you. Don’t bottle your emotions. There’s always someone to listen.

Extensions & Allowances Are Possible

If you ever have issues, such as family difficulties, illnesses, extenuating circumstances, or anything that requires your attention which means you can’t quite attend to your university course materials with as much focus as you had, then extensions and allowances are possible. You just need to apply for them, and to make sure that you provide evidence of a given issue should that be applicable. Many times, the university is happy to work with you on this, be that an extra month to turn in an essay or even to retake a year if you need to.

To conclude, it’s important to note that you may not need any of these provisions. But it’s nice to know they’re there to help you. Remember that you’re a customer of the university in itself, and you deserve to make your voice heard about your experience. We’re sure you’ll achieve there while also enjoying a fantastic time through and through.

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