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How to decorate bland walls with prints and splashes of colour

There’s nothing worse stylistically than having big, bland walls in your home. It’s simply crying out to be used, to be decorated, and it won’t look good until you’ve made a little effort. Thankfully, there’s so much you can do to make these blank spaces look a lot better – let’s explore some fun ideas.

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A gallery of small pieces

A lovely way to make these spaces more interesting is to hang a whole bunch of little pictures up on the wall. These can be Polaroids or photos of you and your friends, little postcards you found on holiday, or prints sold at your local cafe. The nice thing about hanging lots of smaller pieces is that it doesn’t matter if some of them aren’t quite perfect – it’s the effect that they all create together that matters, which is so much more than the sum of the parts.

Create a focal point on your bland walls

While it’s nice to have lots of smaller pieces, it can also be great to have a single focal point as well, something that pulls the whole wall together. This could be an easel standing by the wall, a single big picture, or any number of other significant colours or objects that lead the eye in a particular direction. You don’t need to create a focal point if it doesn’t match the rest of your plan, but it can be a great idea in many cases if you have bland walls you want to liven up.

Sculpture niche or shelf

To add a little three-dimensionality to your space, it can be nice to add a little sculpture niche in a windowsill, or a little sculpture shelf on the wall. You can place some nice decorative homeware from a local maker like The Sculpts on these shelves, or just anything that you really like the look of. That could be a nice mug, or a toy car that you loved when you were a kid – as long as it’s colourful and interesting.

Make art on the bland walls

Something that can be really fun is to let your friends do some little doodles on the wall, either in colourful pens or on a colourful background. While they might not be amazing works of art, they will add a lovely personalisation to the space, and whenever you look at the wall you’ll be reminded of your friends.

Hang some textiles

Finally, you don’t have to use paint or pictures to get a splash of colour – you can also hang fabric works of art to get an amazing effect. It can make the space feel a little warmer, adding more texture and making it easy to hang a new piece when you’re bored of the old one.

These should have provided you with some basic ideas about where you can take things going forward. Adding colour to your bland walls shouldn’t be seen as a chore, nor as a fixed process that you will necessarily complete. You can always change things up a bit in the future, making it into a constantly evolving piece of artwork.

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