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8 best wardrobe essentials for busy mums

Being a mum can sometimes make it difficult when it comes to every day fashion and style, so which wardrobe essentials for busy mums are necessary? Although you might want to look chic and stylish, wearing the wrong colours or materials might make your day more uncomfortable than it needs to be. 

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Whether you want to know what to wear when traveling with children or while taking them to play dates, here are all of the wardrobe essentials to have while being a busy mum. 

Wardrobe essentials for busy mums

Comfortable jumpers

When the weather turns cold or wet, sometimes carrying a coat or jacket around can be a bit of a nuisance. Carrying children and chasing around after them can make you hot, so the last thing you want is to continuously take on and off a jacket. Hence, Jumpers make for the next best option. They can keep you a good temperature and be comfortable no matter what you are doing. 

Jumpers can be as stylish as tops. Getting the right fit to suit your figure and style will always make you feel good. Likewise, if you want something more comfortable and loose, a slouchy jumper is a great answer. 

Stretchy jeans

Should you be a busy mum that loves to wear jeans, then buying stretchy jeans will be the best option. They can look stylish and figure-hugging all while being comfortable. 

You won’t need to feel restricted when carrying your child or chasing them around while playing with them. The stretchier the material, the freer you can feel. No matter if you are popping to pick them up from school or playing with them in the garden, you can feel comfortable and stylish, so these are one of the best wardrobe essentials for busy mums.


For a busy mum that prefers something a bit more casual, leggings are another great option for stretchy trousers. They can go with anything and be suitable for any occasion. 

A pair of black leggings can go with any outfit and be dressed up and dressed down. You could wear them with a jumper throughout the day and then pop on a pair of smart shoes and a blouse for heading out for a parent dinner date in the evening. 

Leggings are one of the best bottom-half garments if your children are messy. They are easy to clean and keep clean, so you won’t have to worry if your children throw their food over you or swipe their coloured paints while running around. 

A good-fitting t-shirt

Every outfit can easily be complete and super comfortable with a good-fitting t-shirt. A t-shirt is a busy mum wardrobe essential that can feel stylish and comfortable no matter what your day holds. 

With it being good-fitting, you can feel your best yet not feel too hot or uncomfortable. You can pair it with any bottom-half garment from leggings and jeans to skirts and shorts. 

Mother and daughter on bench wearing wardrobe essentials for busy mums
Mother And Daughter Adult Women – Free photo on Pixabay

Loose blouses

If you are looking for a top that is a little more formal and sophisticated, yet still comfortable, a loose-fitting blouse is a great option. With lighter materials, it is easier to avoid getting too hot and clammy. Being a busy mum comes with a lot of hard physical work, so it is a good idea to invest in the light and airy garments. 

Loose blouses are a great option if you are a working mum too. They can be ideal for the office, picking up your children from school, and doing all of the busy mum things in between. 

A sweet summer dress

When the summer comes around, you might not feel right or comfortable in jeans or leggings. Therefore, it will be the best time to add some sweet summer dresses to your busy mum’s wardrobe. 

A summer dress that is most suitable for a busy mum is one that is fairly loose. But, not too loose that you worry about it flowing up in the summer winds. 

Finding one that suits your style and makes you feel comfortable is key. Every mum will have their own preference when it comes to dresses. Hence, choose a style that makes you feel your best. But, ensure it isn’t too tight or restrictive as it won’t allow you to feel comfortable all day. 

A large shoulder bag

Every busy mum will likely need to carry around a lot of things on an every day basis. You never know when you will need tablets, a new dummy, tissues, and more. Hence, as well as your baby bag, it will be a good idea to carry around your own personal shoulder bag. One that is big enough for everything you need will ensure that you are always well-equipped. 

Don’t go too large as it might become a nuisance. One that is large enough for your own personal things and a few extra children bits will be handy so that you are always prepared no matter where you are. 

Opting for a neutral color will be a good idea so that it can look great with any outfit. Hence, you can always feel stylish yet make your outfits and lifestyle practical. 

Comfortable and stylish trainers

To finish off any outfit and make it suitable for a busy mum is a good pair of comfortable and stylish trainers. Leather trainers can be the best option as they will be easier to keep clean. Should your children stand on your feet or be clumsy with their food, then you won’t need to panic when they get dirty. Or what about some sustainable shoes?

A pair of stylish trainers will ensure that you can stay comfortable, run around, and feel chic at all times. 

Using this guide, you can soon transform your wardrobe into a practical yet stylish haven. You can still maintain your personal style while being a busy mum. But, opting for lighter and easy-to-clean materials will be ideal so that you don’t have to feel restricted or worried with what you wear. A good range of garments will ensure that you can change up your style on a regular basis, align with occasions, and still feel great while being a busy mum. This list of wardrobe essentials for busy mums is all you need!

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