Will I ever ‘nip’ anywhere again?

Remember those days when you would pick up your bag, phone and keys - and walk straight out the front door? Are those days really gone forever the second you have kids? We’ve all seen the Michael McIntyre sketch about how long it takes to get everyone ready, and it’s so true! Having one kid… Continue reading Will I ever ‘nip’ anywhere again?

Forget the advice – this shit is all about survival!

New babies mean no sleep, right? Wrong. New babies plus older children mean no sleep. Okay so not many of us ever managed to ‘sleep when the baby sleeps’ with our firstborn, but dammit, I wish I bloody had done. There was so much opportunity! They might not sleep much at night, but they sleep… Continue reading Forget the advice – this shit is all about survival!


“Emotional rollercoaster” is such a crap phrase, isn’t it? But it does kind of sum up what you go through during pregnancy. Flying off the handle at your husband one minute, crying at Strictly the next, then being overwhelmed with happiness the next. I blame the hormones personally. And the fact you can’t drink alcohol… Continue reading Totally OUTNUMBERED!