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Eight Vital Safety Tips if You and Your Kids Have Left an Abusive Relationship

Leaving an abusive relationship takes courage, but it is always the right thing to do. It becomes even more important when you have kids. Just make sure you get the support of friends, family members, and professional services to help you in your transition.

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Maintaining your safety and your children’s safety after you have left an abusive relationship is also, of course, of the utmost importance. You should take active steps to ensure you are secure and gain peace of mind. You can then focus on getting on with your new life.

Here are eight vital safety tips that you should follow.

1. Secure Your Home After An Abusive Relationship

The first step, once you have left an abusive relationship, is to establish a safe physical environment.

Make certain that all entrances to your home are secure. For instance, changing locks may be necessary if the abuser has access to your space.

Whether you are staying in a place that your ex-partner once had access to or you are moving somewhere new, it is crucial that you get the best possible locks for your home.

For instance, you could consider practical magnetic locks, which generate an extremely strong magnetic force to keep your doors shut and help you stay safe against intruders.

Ensure windows can be locked and the perimeter is safe as well. It could be a good idea to install a home security system that includes things like cameras and motion sensors.

2. Make Your Workplace Safe

Your workplace may potentially be another area of vulnerability. So, it could be a good idea to inform your employer, or at least your immediate manager or HR department, about your situation without going into excessive detail.

You can then discuss feasible steps that can be taken to ensure your safety at work. That could include changing your work schedule, having colleagues accompany you to and from work, or screening calls and emails.

3. Be Vigilant in Public Spaces

In the aftermath of an abusive relationship, public places can sometimes turn into risky territories. Despite this, it is impossible and impractical to avoid them entirely. So, enhance your safety by being vigilant about your surroundings when in public spaces.

Avoid isolated places or those that the abuser frequents and always prioritize well-lit and crowded areas whenever out. This awareness can safeguard you and your kids from potential confrontation.

4. Be Mindful of Digital Safety After An Abusive Relationship

Many people overlook digital safety. But remember: technology can sometimes become a backdoor for an abuser into your life.

Be aware of online safety measures and take steps to secure your personal online spaces, including email and social media accounts.

It may also be worth ensuring your devices are not tracking your location.

5. Learn Self-defense Techniques

Learning self-defense techniques can provide an additional sense of security.

It is not only about physical strength. Learning self-defense can also help you to build mental resilience and reinforce your self-esteem.

6. Teach Your Kids Emergency Protocols

Of course, keeping your children safe will be your top priority.

So, make sure you teach them emergency protocols, such as how to dial for help and how to escape during a crisis.

You might also like to consider some of these products that can keep your children safe.

7. Stay Connected with Supportive People

Maintain connections with friends, family members, or support groups who understand your situation. They can provide emotional assistance and practical resources when needed.

You should also consider joining therapy groups tailored to survivors of domestic violence.

8. Maintain Holistic Wellness After An Abusive Relationship

Finally, remember that safety extends beyond physical protection. Engaging in activities to maintain mental health is as valuable as anything else. That could include therapy, mindfulness practices, or joining a gym class.

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