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3 Useful Wellbeing Tips For New Parents

As all new parents will know, the first few months after you welcome your new little one can be a huge adjustment, despite all the rewarding experiences you will have when bringing a young one into the world.

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It can be easy to let your own wellbeing take a back seat while you’re busy taking care of your baby, and if you feel this is how your lifestyle has developed here are some essential tips and tricks to help you look after yourself after having a baby in those crucial first few weeks and months.

1. Make Sleep as Easy as Possible For New Parents

Upgrading your bed can be integral to helping you get an exceptional night’s sleep, particularly if labour and birth have left you or your partner with lasting aches and pains. Companies like Archers Sleep Centre are dedicated to giving you a helping hand with finding the bed you need.

Whether you need a supportive mattress to help with a bad back, memory foam for those aches and pains, or just want to upgrade your existing bed or mattress, their sleep specialists

will have you sleeping well in no time by tailoring their service to your specific sleeping needs.

2. New Parents Should Practice Self Care

A good self-care routine can feel like a lifesaver at the end of a long day when you’ve been caring for your baby.

To relax, why not have a hot shower, and then create a skin care routine that will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the night feeds? Pharmacists like Boots are well stocked with various skin care products that will help you to feel like a new person in no time. Whether you opt for skin serums, nail paints or moisturisers to name just a few, taking a few moments each evening can help you rest easier in between feeds.

The words self care on a card hanging from a string with a clothes peg to remind new parents to look after themselves

3. Make Time to Leave the House

When you have a small baby, it can feel like an ordeal to leave the house, but the positives of fresh air beyond the front door are numerous.

Whether you embark on a short walk with the pram, take your dog for a walk, or take a short drive to the nearest coffee shop with your little one, exposing your baby to noise and hustle and bustle will help them to settle better in the long run.

It may also help to benefit your mental health, as regular exercise is shown to combat symptoms of anxiety and depression.

If your baby is struggling to settle in environments outside the house, you could invest in a Rockit baby rocker that will attach to your pram or bassinet and vibrate gently, sending your little one off to a peaceful slumber.

Do you have any wellbeing tips for new parents? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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