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8 reasons to take your kids on a family skiing holiday

Thinking of booking a family skiing holiday with the kids, but concerned it might not be right for you? Here are some great reasons to just head to the slopes and go for it. 

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Let’s be honest, most families (mine included) will book summer holidays by the beach and spend the week playing in the sea and swimming in the pool. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. 

But if you’re thinking of doing something a bit different, a family skiing holiday with the kids could be absolutely perfect. 

Here are some reasons why: 

A family skiing holiday is so much fun

Anyone who has taken their children on a ski trip will tell you that it is immense fun for everyone. Whilst often on other holidays it’s hard to please every member of the family, there is always something everybody will enjoy on a family skiing holiday, especially if you look somewhere like Tignes Le Lac in France.

The fact it is different from any other type of holiday automatically makes it appealing. And whether you are expert skiers intending to put your kids into ski school, or you’ll all learn together as a family – you are sure to have a whale of a time.

Learning a new skill

We all know that children have less fear the younger they are. So to start them off on their skiing journey as young as possible will mean they not only won’t be afraid, but will also probably get the hang of it quicker than the grown-ups! By taking them on a family skiing holiday, you’ll inspire your children to develop the love for skiing – that can last a lifetime! And think of the memories you’re making at the same time. Not only will they learn new skills, independence and confidence, they’ll grow up to then share these types of holidays with friends, partners and potentially even their own children. 

Children at ski school on a family skiing holiday
Photo by Irina Balashova on Pexels

Making friends on a family skiing holiday

Kids love to make new friends, and they’re sure to do so on a ski trip. If you put them in ski school to learn, they’ll be in with loads of other children their age and will have the best time. They’ll make friends and love to spend time skiing with their new buddies. You never know, maybe you’ll make friends with their parents too? Some people become friends for life after meeting on holiday. And you’ll always have someone to do your next family ski holiday with next year! 

Lots of other activities other than skiing

If you’re worried a ski trip might be a bit ‘samey’ for the kids and they’ll get bored skiing all day every day, then fear not. There are so many other activities the children will love, it won’t even enter their heads to get bored! Think of all the traditional snow activities such as sno-tubing, tobogganing, sledding, and ice-skating, plus there’s likely to be other fun stuff the kids will like such as swimming, bowling, and film nights. They’ll be spoiled for choice – and with the Apres Ski we’ve all heard about, so will you adults. 

Ski resort Tignes Le Lac in France

Kids will love their surroundings on a family skiing holiday

Okay, okay, we all know children aren’t renowned for appreciating nature and their surroundings. But on a family skiing holiday with breathtaking scenery all around them, they’ll be hard pushed not to be in awe. Whether it’s at the top of a mountain, or at the bottom of a snow-covered beginners’ run, they are literally a world away from sitting in a classroom, and will be able to breathe in nature at its best. 

Skiing is good exercise for kids

If you’ve ever been skiing yourselves, you’ll know what good exercise it is. It’s a great way to burn off the calories – ready to put them back on with all the amazing food a ski resort has to offer. But if it’s doing that for us, think what it’s doing for the children! Not only are they getting great exercise from all the skiing and other activities they’ll be doing on your family ski trip, but it’ll tire them out too. And isn’t an easy bedtime all us parents want, especially on holiday? It’s a win-win situation. 

Skiing will teach children discipline

Now I’m not talking about discipline in terms of them being told off, I’m talking about how children will learn about rules and boundaries when they ski. They’ll have to listen to their ski instructor (and they’ll do this way better than when they listen to us!), and learn the rules of the slopes. There’s plenty to learn for them to stay safe, the ski trip etiquette. But they’ll get the hang of it in no time. 

Tignes ski resort is an ideal spot for a family skiing holiday

A family skiing holiday is good value for money

Think of a ski trip and you might have pound signs flash before your eyes. There’s an automatic assumption that it’s an expensive holiday, especially if you’re taking the children too. But actually it can be great value for money and there are some brilliant deals to be found. Many ski holidays are done on an all-inclusive basis, much like summer holidays. This would then include your flights, transfers, hotel or chalet, food, equipment hire and lift passes. It’s much cheaper than booking everything separately and saves you needing much spending money when you’re there. 

There you have it, are you tempted? I certainly am! A family skiing holiday is a fabulous experience for both children and adults. What are you waiting for?! 

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