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Top tips for helping your child with maths

Mathematics is a vital part of your child’s education, because it is an essential life skill. Maths helps children to understand numbers and patterns, and encourages them to think of new concepts and ideas.

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Demonstrating a positive attitude towards the subject is hugely important for parents. If you express doubt in your own skills, or mention to your child that maths was your least favourite subject at school, it can have negative influence. I remember being told this at a parent workshop my five year old’s school held for us and try really hard not to do it – even though I hate numbers!

Here are some top tips from an independent school in Harpenden, on how to help your child with their maths learning at home.

Use maths daily with your child

Make maths learning part of your daily routine. For example, ask your child to help you measure out the ingredients when cooking or ask them to work out your change when you are shopping. By practicing numbers in this way, your child won’t even realise that you are giving them a maths lesson!

Learn maths online

There are many useful online resources that can help to improve your child’s maths skills. Simply search for educational websites aimed at your child’s age group. Many of these learning activities are free and often include games, which can help to make it much more exciting. My five year old loves a numbers game. Worksheets? Not so much. Why not check out how to study math online here.

Complicated number bond diagram for year one homeschooling on a laptop

Learn maths through play

Role play games are excellent for teaching early mathematics skills to youngsters. Play shopkeepers with your child and use pretend money to teach them how to count. For older children you could use board games as learning tools. Dominos and Monopoly are both great games for practicing maths and reinforcing key STEM skills.

Keep on top of classwork

It is really helpful to understand how your child is being taught mathematics in class. This is because it will enable you to practice the same techniques at home and teach maths at the correct level for your child. Speak to your child’s teacher to find out what they are currently working on in class and what you can do to support your child’s learning at home. There’s been several times during homeschooling when I’ve wondered what the heck is going on and how it’s being taught these days. But it’s my job to understand it for the sake of my kids!

PIN image of a boy on the floor playing dominos as a way of learning maths

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