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10 Ideas for the Perfect Children’s Birthday Party Invite

You might be wondering about the many ways that you can make a children’s birthday party invite a little different this year. This list will give you some inspiration to help you create some unforgettable invitations that can impress other parents, as well as get the kids even more excited about the event.

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1. Professionally Printed Children’s Birthday Party Invite

No matter what you have on your invites, quality matters. Considering getting your invites professionally printed is a great idea. It’ll ensure they survive the time they might spend in kids’ backpacks or book bags before being handed over to parents. And we all know how long that can take!

2. Themed Invites

Having themed children’s birthday party invites can be fantastic for building a more interesting thing for the kids to look at, as well as giving the adults a good idea about birthday presents. For example, a LEGO-themed invitation or something for a dinosaur-themed party.

3. Layout Of Children’s Birthday Party Invite Is Important

The layout is important. This will not only make things easily readable for the kids, but also for making sure that the adults know all important information. It can also help them to look nice too, so it’s a good think to consider.

4. Font To Use

You are going to want to pick an easy-to-read font. When searching for the perfect font, consider choosing an easy-to-read option. Handwriting, especially a child’s, can sometimes be hard to decipher and possibly ruin the appearance of invitations. Having a handwritten font makes things so much neater.

5. ‘DIY’ Style Children’s Birthday Party Invite

Having a DIY style can look cute, and it can also be a great way to have your kids get involved in the making and planning process of their parties. It will be important in the future if they want to hold events.

Balloons and bright colours are a good thing to put on a children's birthday party invite
Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

6. Bright Colours

Using bright colours can be an excellent design choice, especially if you want something simple. It can be a great way to make thighs look cool and keep it basic, especially if you aren’t too great in the design-skills area yourself.

7. Data and Information

You should make sure that data and information are marked clearly on the invite. This can make it easy for parents to contact you and know exactly when the event is happening. This can be vital when it comes to planning out numbers.

8. Reference to the Venue

It might be cute to reference the venue in the design. This can be a bowling design if you are taking the kids bowling, or have the invite in the shape of a house if it is a garden party. This can be a great addition and can give parents a good idea of what is happening without needing to read.

9. Allergies Information

Allergies are an important factor. You might want to have part of the invitations returned to you with some information filled out, so you know dietary requirements and times of arrival, as well as have a physical idea of numbers rather than just a few texts.

10. Ticket Style Children’s Birthday Party Invite

You might want to hand out invitations that look like tickets. This can be ideal for confirmation of what is happening within the party, letting them know that everything has been finalised and just be a cute addition.

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