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Gift Ideas For The Person That Has Everything

How do you buy a gift for someone who already seems to have everything they could ever want or need? Well, the truth is that nobody has everything. There is always something that you can buy someone as a gift – even if it isn’t a permanent object. This post gives a few examples of great gifts for the person who seemingly has everything.

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Create your own food/spa hamper

Gifts like foods and toiletries have limited use and so can be bought repeatedly year after year. There are also so many options out there to choose from that you’re certain to find a bottle of wine or a bath bomb or a chocolate that they’ve never tried before (if they’re the type of person that enjoys trying new things). 

A gift hamper can be a great way to present lots of these disposable gifts in a fun manner. There are pre-assembled food hampers and spa hampers that you can buy online if you don’t have time to shop for individual contents and pack a hamper. Alternatively, you can make your own. You can buy small hamper baskets online. You can then fill these with whatever types of goodies you think your recipient would enjoy. Wrap it up or cover it to keep the contents a surprise. 

Personalise an item with their name/a photo

Personalising an item with the person’s name or a photo is a great way to turn an otherwise generic gift into an one-of-a-kind treasure. 

There are all kinds of items that you can personalise in this fashion including socks, mugs, keyrings, wallets and phone cases. You can even explore more unique and specialist items to personalise such as guitar straps, baking aprons, boxing gloves and gym bags. 

Show them you care by handcrafting a gift

Handcrafting a gift is also a chance to create a unique gift. However, it also has extra meaning because of the time and effort you put into it. 

If you have a craft talent you could put this to use when making a gift. Examples of craft skills include knitting/crocheting, jewellery making, drawing, baking and woodwork. Don’t have a craft talent? There are still ways in which you can get crafty with gifts such as making photo collages, creating your own card or indeed assembling a hamper.  

Buy them a unique experience gift

Experiences are some of the best gifts, because they can create happy memories that outlive the use of any practical gift. While some people may have experienced more than others, you won’t find anyone that has experienced everything – and even if they do seem to have experienced everything, there may be certain experiences that they don’t mind repeating. 

Nowadays there are many sites that sell experience gift packages. When choosing an experience, think about what their passions are and the types of activities that bring them joy. Some people will prefer a spa day or a wine tasting over a helicopter ride or an escape room (and vice versa). 

Gift faith-themed apparel

A gift that also carries a reflection of someone’s beliefs can be incredibly thoughtful and personal. For instance, if you know someone who upholds their Christian faith explicitly, consider gifting them Christian apparel that expresses their belief. An elegant cross pendant or a T-shirt with a beautiful scripture quote or fun messages embodies style and sentiment. Online stores offer a wide range of tastefully designed, faith-centered clothing and accessories that can make a perfect religious gift. Seeing your gift positively reinforce their faith can bring a sense of fulfillment unmatched by any generic gift.

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