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How to create a family-friendly kitchen you’ll love

Do you have a family-friendly kitchen?

A legacy of multiple lockdowns means kitchens are more multifunctional than ever – moonlighting up as the office, classroom, gym, even the dance floor (we’ve seen you!). 

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At its best though, the kitchen is the beating heart of a family home. A place where everyone comes together. Important then, that the space works. 

Whether it’s for coffee with mum friends, Sunday lunches with the in-laws or baking with the kids, a kitchen needs to adapt for all members of the family, providing a safe, practical, and social environment. So if your kitchen leaves you feeling underwhelmed, or panicking about the potential for accidents if there are little ones about, it’s time to take action. 

Things to consider for a family-friendly kitchen

If you’re planning to completely redo your kitchen, then you’re in a great position to really think through what you want and need from the space. 

To get the most from your new design consider the following for a family-friendly kitchen:

A family-friendly kitchen


You can never have enough of it! So if the old kitchen is being ripped out, now is the time to rethink your design to maximise storage and floor space.  It is worth getting a professional kitchen designer to draw up plans and help you to visualise the possibilities.   


Repositioning key appliances such as the oven, hob, microwave and fridge can create a more dynamic, user-friendly space when you’re designing a family-friendly kitchen.

Consider where you do most of your food prep and serving and try to minimise the distance you’ll need to travel with hot pans and cookware. Also take into account the main thoroughfare of the kitchen and, where possible, avoid having the oven or hob in this location. 

Throwing a rug into your kitchen can make it more family-friendly in a snap. The rug provides a comfy spot for everyone, especially kids, making the kitchen a welcoming place for family gatherings. You can choose custom-shaped kitchen rugs that match your space perfectly. These rugs not only add a soft touch to the floor but also create a safer and cosier environment for everyone. So, if you’re aiming for a kitchen where the whole family feels at home, consider laying down a rug that suits your style and needs.

Island unit

Who doesn’t love the look of an island unit? Not only do they help to create a social hub, if you long to enjoy family meals but don’t have the space, they can substitute a dining table. 

A kitchen is at the heart of any family home

They’re also a great place to position the highchair or for older kids to sit and do homework. Freeing you up to multitask in the kitchen, whilst keeping an eye on proceedings. 

Worktop and cupboard choices

Sticky fingers are the bane of any parent’s life so whilst high gloss doors may look great – unless you have endless patience and time on your hands (unlikely!) – they can be a huge no-no with a young family. (Believe me, I’m speaking from experience!) Wooden doors make a more durable and low maintenance option unless you want to know how to clean sticky grease off kitchen cabinets.

Worktops also need thinking about in a family-friendly kitchen. You want a surface that will look good but that’s also able to withstand the rigours of modern family life, which is why quartz worktops are a firm family kitchen favourite. Highly durable, they are one of – if not the – most stain-resistant surfaces. A doddle to keep clean, they can even withstand hot pans (although it’s not recommended!). And can be easily fabricated with gently curved edges to boost safety.  

Twin brothers stir a bowl whilst baking

Low-cost ideas for a family-friendly kitchen

If the expense of a completely new kitchen is more than you’re able to finance right now, the good news is there are plenty of ways you can create a more usable family space without blowing the budget.

Create a breakfast bar for a family-friendly kitchen

Can’t stretch to an island unit or a new dining table? Then how about creating a breakfast bar instead? Perfect for perching at, all you need is a small expanse of worktop and a bar stool.  

Re-organise cupboards

If you can’t reconfigure cupboards, try rethinking their contents instead. Swap cleaning products and glassware for wall cupboards and reserve base units for things like pots and pans and food items.   

Declutter for a family-friendly kitchen you’ll love

Struggling to even see your work surface? Have a sort out and try to tidy away all bar the essentials. Not only does this free up space for cooking and food prep, but it makes the kitchen feel more spacious, and reduces the potential for accidents caused by too much clutter. 

Just replace worktops

You don’t have to revamp the whole kitchen – replacing worktops can revive the look and feel. Switch out old surfaces for a more contemporary looking, family-friendly option like quartz, and you will gain many of the benefits and appeal of a new family-friendly kitchen, without the expense – or upheaval!

Twin brothers put fridge magnets on a fridge in kitchen

One last thing every family kitchen needs? Fridge magnets – how else will you display those creative masterpieces? Oh, and maybe a wine fridge…

I’m glad to say I not only have PLENTY of fridge magnets. But I also have a wine fridge too!


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