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How buying a ping pong table could actually save you money

When you are looking for a ping pong table, of course you are going to be considering your budget. You start off with the dream of adding a new piece of recreational equipment that can keep your family and friends happy and healthy and give you all something else to do. Then, you start looking at prices and begin to feel overwhelmed, thinking, there’s no way that you can do this. Maybe there is, though.

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Maybe, like everything else you spend money on, you just need to think about whether you can afford a ping pong table and how. The reasons to get one are almost unlimited with the health benefits alone outweighing the costs. 

Take a look at your current budget and finances and you may have an easier time squeezing the costs of a ping pong table in than you think. Take a look at the ways that you can save money by investing in one.

Calculate Your Family Entertainment Budget When Considering Buying A Ping Pong Table

Let’s start here. This is an extraneous item on the budget if you are trying to save money, for anything. 

The entertainment budget typically consists of movies and dining — although your budget may be separated differently. You may have a budget line for vacation on an island, one for dining, another for Netflix, and another for going to the movies. Regardless of how you form your family budget, consider recalculating it to fit in a ping pong table or ping pong table financing.

There are things that you can remove here that you don’t need. You can watch a movie at home with the family while you are playing ping pong or host sports nights and watch that instead of going out to the movies. 

A ping pong table is an investment that will pay off. If you add up everything you spend in one year on the movies, or other entertainment, you may find you have the cost of the ping pong table right in front of you. Begin making cuts here.

Remove the Extracurriculars That Aren’t Really Paying Off

Every family is busy today, it seems, as we are all driving our kids here, there, and everywhere. Then we go on our own to our grownup here, there, and everywhere places, and this costs money. How much of this do you really need in your life? There may be activities that you or a member of your family is doing just because they need something to do.

It might be safer and healthier for them to stay home and burn that energy off at the ping pong table, and they may even prefer that. Getting a ping pong table can save you money in the cost of extracurriculars, gas, and hours spent going back and forth between events that your family may not need to be at.

Spend Less on Tech and More on Family and Friends Time

Another way you can cut your budget is by spending less on tech and more on family time. Instead of investing in the new gadget or console, spend it on the ping pong table. Most families are always in discussion about the next piece of equipment to bring into the home.

It might be a PS5, Galaxy tablet, or MacBook Pro — it could be anything. Always exciting to have, but is it a must-have? If it’s not, put the money you are thinking about here on a ping pong table. You will save money, and the investment won’t require battery health checks and long minutes on the phone with technical support.

You have one more reason to get them off of the screens and into a healthier activity like ping pong. Make your home the gathering place where real fun and bonding can occur with face-to-face interactions. Spend less on tech and more on family and friends.

Research Your Ping Pong Table Options

It goes without saying that you need to research the right table, but that won’t take too long. With ping pong table comparison sites like PingPongRuler, it won’t take you long to find the right table at the right price. 

Here you will be able to see what you are dealing with when it comes to an upfront cost that you will only have to pay once. You’ll have already done the research on where you can trim your family budget and will know what you are dealing with. Picking the ping pong table at this point is the easy part, and it could be a lot of fun. Or what if you want a table that you can use for playing both ping pong and pool? If you’re into both games and want to save space check out this review of best ping pong combos.

Save Your Money

When you have a ping pong table in the home, you save money on a wide range of things. You save money on entertainment, extracurriculars you don’t need, fuel consumption, and even vehicle depreciation if you are going out all the time to do things to spend time with the family. 

Spend time with the family at home with your own health activities. Get healthier together, and get closer with friends and family too. A ping pong table is an investment that you won’t even notice on your finances if you do it right.

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