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Becoming a mum columnist – and keeping it real with iPads and wine

As far as stay at home mumming to three young children goes, there’s not a massive amount of time to get excited over stuff.

But something pretty exciting happened this week.

I’ve been asked to be a columnist for Plymouth Live website – the online version of the Plymouth Herald newspaper.

Before having kids I was a journalist for nearly 15 years – and I worked at The Herald as a general reporter, specialist health reporter then deputy news editor. As much as I don’t miss the 6am starts, late shifts and working weekends (er hang on, that sounds a lot like motherhood?), I do miss the buzz of a news operation.

One of the main reasons for starting this blog was not only to have a bit of a giggle (clearly at my own expense) but to keep my hand in at writing – something I loved to do way before these boys were even on the horizon.

Obviously writing about dirty nappies, baby groups and losing a one year old twin on a campsite is a far cry from covering murders, fatal fires, top level health meetings, inquests and watching brain surgery – but I didn’t get to say ‘shit the bed’ or ‘FFS’ in any of them, impotence help would you believe! Although I did get the word ‘penis’ in a story once…

So I’m a little bit chuffed they like Twins, Tantrums and Cold Coffee and it will hopefully create a wider audience for my sweary waffle.

My blogposts – starting from the beginning – will be on Plymouth Live every fortnight and printed in the weekend’s Saturday Extra section of the paper.

Here’s how they introduced me in the paper. I’m still cringing over the size of the picture.

You can read the full version of it here.

As part of the story, Plymouth Live photographer Penny Cross interviewed me about ways I’d managed to get through the last year with three boys under three. I’m sure it’s not really the done thing to recommend iPads and wine, but let’s face it, that’s the reality some days (although not together). Not only was it odd being the one asked all the questions for a change – I’m fully aware how crap I looked on film! Must work on that…


And as you can imagine the boys didn’t exactly play ball for those perfect family shots. Kind of sums up the whole blog, I suppose!

*Pictures and video by Penny Cross from Plymouth Live

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