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Beach-proof makeup tips you need to try

Going to the beach on a sunny day is exciting – you can relax in the bright sun and the sound of crashing waves. You feel free with the bare-face looks as putting on makeup isn’t needed. But if you have plans to get clicked to post cool pictures on social media or simply look your best because you like it that way, you might have to put on a light beach-proof makeup. You have to prepare your skin for exposure and, at the same time, have beach-perfect looks. 

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Beach outings are meant to keep you worry-free about your looks. To begin with, you must have sweat-resistant makeup products that give you a natural look matching your skin tone. The beach makeup must be very light and easy-going because your skin will get close to harmful elements like UV rays, humid climate, and sand. Here are the useful beach-proof makeup application tips you must know about when you leave for a beach day out.

Beach-proof makeup tips

Waterproof eyeliner – a must to define eyes

Waterproof eyeliner, mascara, and concealer are the best makeup options that will not fade when exposed to sand and heat. Eyeliner is the first thing that runs down your face when you get exposure on a bright day. Choosing waterproof products will help you say goodbye to runny makeup on a beach trip. 

And if you adore long eyelashes, you can opt for natural lash extensions. Lilac St is a premium brand that offers long-lasting natural eyelash extensions. You can wear them all day long without worrying about them. The lashes are comfortable and easy to put on. The false eyelashes are available in different varieties like subtle, voluminous, flirty and fluttery. Some other cool brands you can try are Ardell, Mac and Vavalash.

Begin with sunscreen before your beach-proof makeup

Beach makeup is incomplete without a sun care routine as it creates a protective layer on the skin. For application, slather sunscreen and apply it generously on the face, neck, hands and legs. Let it stay for at least 20 minutes for the face, and do not apply anything until it gets fully absorbed. After it gets dried up, you will have clear skin ready for the beach.

No foundation or liquid-based products

When we apply makeup, the foundation is the first thing. It creates a clear layer and acts as a strong base on the face. However, applying foundation in the sun will make your skin look greasy. Instead, to get a natural-looking finish, you must apply a simple moisturizer, or just a special BB cream will do. You can also combine a little foundation with the sunscreen if you need full coverage. Make sure that your makeup products are light or powder-based. 

Matte and just matte bronzers only for beach-proof makeup

Going out in the sun with a glossy or shimmery bronzer will take away the beauty of natural-looking skin at the beach. It will make your skin greasy and give you a natural tan look when you take a dip. So, it is always recommended to use only natural tanned bronze/ or powder-based bronzer for the beach. Apply it only above the cheekbones (apples of the cheek), the tip of the chin and eyelids. 

Lip balm for the beachy lips

Applying lipstick will look awful at the beach when you are in the sun. You can use a lip balm for your lips. Rub a natural lip balm with your fingers; that will be enough to complete your beach look. This will moisturize the lips and give them a smooth finish. If you are a true lipstick person, you can apply a beach lip liner and the balm for a finished look. Try lip gloss of light or nude shades to preserve your natural looks, and it will last for hours. 

Blotting paper is a must

Blotting paper is essential to carry at the beach because it is not the ideal place for giving touch-ups or reapplying makeup. If you get a sweaty face and your makeup fades, clear your face with the blotting paper and let your skin breathe and relax. You can also give a quick touch-up by applying pressed powder on the forehead, t-zone, and nose tip to remove the excess oil that makes your skin sticky and sweaty. 

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