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Egg-citing Adventures: Unique Easter Activities to Keep Your Kids Entertained

With Easter not far off, it’s time to start planning some egg-citing activities. There is a lot of Easter enjoyment to be had in commemorating this unique event, including dyeing eggs, looking for treats that are filled with sweets, and getting together with family and friends. 

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What if, though, you’re seeking something fresh? We have plenty of ideas for unique Easter activities that will occupy your children all season long, ranging from informative crafts to joyful trade-offs between siblings or even neighbours. 

We’ll share some of our favourite Easter activities with you and your family as an inspiration for you. The following ideas are sure to get the party started: 

Egg Hunting With Obstacle Course

This is one of the most popular activities for Easter: egg hunting. Make the game more interesting and challenging by adding obstacles like jungle gyms, crawling through tunnels or even a trampoline. 

This is an especially great activity if you have several children in your family. Vuly offers an equipment set perfect for this type of game, and the high-quality materials are sure to last through generations. 

It is a sure way to get your family active this Easter. Plus, with so much to do, they will forget to check their Easter baskets.

Easter Egg Pinata

Egg pinatas are an excellent way to get your children’s creative juices flowing. It is also a great way to engage their motor skills, as they will need to draw and paint the design for their egg-shaped pinata. 

You can also use a variety of materials like cardboard, fabric, coloured paper or tissue paper to help create the perfect Easter egg pinata. Fill it with little goodies, and your children will have a blast hitting the pinata to get their treats out.

Plus, this activity does not take too much time to prepare. All you need are some decorations and an egg-shaped mould. Your kids can participate in the creative process in this way.

Sack Race and Egg Toss

Sack races and egg tosses are fun-filled Easter activities that will keep your kids engaged all day long. It’s a great way to get the whole family involved, as it requires minimal preparation and materials. 

You can make your own sacks with some spare fabric or burlap bags. If you want an extra challenge, have your children find items like wooden spoons, chains or even plastic cups to use as their sacks. 

Use any object that is simple to catch and throw for the egg toss, including hard-boiled eggs. Before they begin tossing the eggs back and forth, make sure that both players have an equal number of eggs. 

Easter Egg Colouring Bingo Game

Colouring bingo is a great way to engage your children with Easter activities. It is easy to make and requires minimal supplies. All you need are some paper, pens or markers and a few simple objects like plastic eggs or cardboard cutouts. 

Divide your kids into teams and give them paper to start the game. Create nine circles on the sheet and add an object in the centre. Each team must then colour the objects on their paper sheets to create a bingo pattern. The first team to complete their pattern wins.

You can also make your own version of this game by using different coloured eggs or Easter-inspired designs. This activity is great for teaching your kids how to follow instructions and use their creativity. 

Jelly Bean Pickup

Jelly bean pickups are a great way to teach your kids how to use their motor skills and have fun at the same time. This activity requires no preparation, just some jelly beans or candy eggs. 

Place the eggs in an empty bowl and have your children pick up the candy using straws. The player who picks up the most eggs wins. You can also make it even more challenging by giving each kid a specific colour of egg or candy to pick up. 

This activity not only helps with motor skills but also encourages your children to work together as they race to pick up the most candy. So, let your kids have some egg-citing adventures this Easter and get picked.


Easter is a great time to get your kids away from the screens and into some fun activities. From egg hunting with obstacle courses to jelly bean pickups, these activities will help your children bond while having lots of fun.

The possibilities are unlimited for activities you can do with your kids this season. So consider the above information and come up with some unique ideas to keep your kids entertained during the Easter season. Happy Egg-citing Adventures! 

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