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Take a trip down memory lane with a retro sweets hamper

AD | Disclaimer – This post is an advertisement feature with Greedy Gwin’s retro sweets but all words are my own.

Ever want to send something in the post to an old friend but can’t think of anything other than expensive flowers? What about RETRO SWEETS?

Sorry mates, but you will no longer be getting flowers that cost the Earth and only last a few days from me. I have found something new (albeit retro) and it is GUARANTEED to put a smile on your face. 

A hamper of retro sweets from Greedy Gwin! How amazing does this look? I mean, just look at my cheesy grin!

Retro sweets from Greedy Gwin

Retro sweets bring back ALL the memories

If you’re anything like my husband and I, we love retro sweets. Well, we kind of like any sweets, but there’s something pretty cool about these old fashioned ones. 

It is 100% the memories it brings back the second you set eyes on them. Opening the box and taking a peek at the Fruit Salads and Refreshers, I was instantly transported back more than 30 years (and the rest) to the age of 5.  At the little shop up the road with my Mum and brother where I was allowed to spend 20p on sweets. 

Seriously 20p? Yes 20p! And I’d come away with a little paper bag of Refreshers and Fruit Salads. We even to this day still call it the ‘penny-chew shop’. If I was really lucky I’d get one of those sweet necklaces too.

Retro sweets from Greedy Gwin

Fast forward a few more years and I’m up the shop on my own with my mate (because, you know, I’m grown up and cool now). And I’m buying Candy Sticks and pretending they were cigarettes. Like SERIOUSLY why did we DO THAT? But I bet you did it too. 

Embracing my age with retro sweets

Well that is if you’re at least over the age of 35. If you’re younger, you’re possibly wondering what the hell I’m talking about…

And what about the Dip Dab or Double Dips? I have memories of being in the waiting room at my dance school furiously trying to get as much sherbet on that damn lolly as possible in the last few minutes before my ballet lesson so I didn’t waste an ounce of it. And remember the disaster of accidentally biting through your Double Dip ‘swizzlestick’ before you’d eaten all the cherry and orange fizz?

These were IMPORTANT things! 🙂 

And it wasn’t just me who got a little bit overexcited about the Greedy Gwin hamper. I took one on my camping trip the other week with my mate (the same one from 35 years ago) and she had the exact same reaction to the retro sweets. And so did her husband. It’s a joyful thing to behold! 

Hands off, kids!

So let’s be serious for a minute. These hampers aren’t for my kids. They aren’t getting their hands on any of these retro sweets. (I’m a responsible parent after all). These bad boys are for the adults only. My rule is if you’re not old enough to remember them, you’re not old enough to eat them. Fair, right?

Greedy Gwin was set up by David McGuigan and after years of selling branded products online, he wanted to create something of his own. 

He looked at the chocolates and sweets market and wanted to improve the presentation, selection of sweets and overall value of the retro sweets customers were buying. 

Greedy Gwin retro sweets was born and David created fun packaging designed for letterbox delivery. Perfect for a surprise gift – especially for any old friends who remember them all too. They hand assemble each hamper and even do next day delivery.

What you’ll find in a Greedy Gwin hamper:

  • Wham bars
  • Vimto chew bars
  • Strawberry refresher bars
  • Sour apple refresher bars
  • Original refresher bars
  • Drumstick bars
  • Stinger chew bars
  • Chocolate coins
  • A white mice bar
  • A candy necklace
  • Jazzles chocolate buttons
  • A Double Dip
  • Parma violets
  • Candy sticks
  • Maoam stripes
  • A Dip Dab
  • Refresher chews
  • Tango poppin’ candy
  • Fruit salad chews
  • Sherbet straws
  • Black jacks chews
  • Bubbly bubblegum

What was your favourite retro sweet when you were a child? 

PIN image of a woman with dark hair sitting at a wooden table holding chew bars in her hand with a hamper full of retro sweets

How did I do?

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