Well; the dark nights are drawing in, it’s bloody freezing all of a sudden and the chance of having a festive piss-up with our mates during the festive season looks less and less likely doesn’t it?

It’s very tempting to just shove on your comfiest, threadbare leggings (complete with pasta sauce stains) and hunker down for the winter, sobbing softly into your fourth glass of mulled wine. But have you considered that slobbing around in that sweatshirt you’ve had since university might actually be making you feel more… well… crap?

Research shows that what we wear has a direct impact on our mental health, and that putting a bit of thought into our appearance actually raises self-esteem and helps keep us feeling more positive and motivated. So if you are feeling down in the dumps about a long dark winter working from home or hanging out with nobody more exciting than your other half (yawn); consider how you can use your sartorial choices to lift your mood and get your mojo back a bit with these tips on lockdown style.

5 lockdown style tips to dress yourself happy

  • Step away from the black! Yes you heard me. It may be slimming but who cares about that these days? We are all going to emerge from lockdown number 2 with an extra few pounds. Plus, studies have shown that switching your usual black for something more vibrant can increase your endorphin levels, giving you an instant hit of happiness. It can feel a little nerve-wracking to introduce colour if you’ve always stuck to darks, but fret not! It’s all about easing yourself in slowly! A gorgeous green headband or a sunflower yellow vest under your old faithful black cardi will cheer you up faster than you can say “They’ve found a vaccine.” 
  • Channel your inner Marie Kondo and do a wardrobe edit. Hey, you could get the whole family involved and turn it into a little fashion show. Pop the prosecco and get the kids to hold up thumbs up or thumbs down signs… be warned though; kids can be brutally honest! Charity bag anything that doesn’t make you feel great. You’ll be left with way less clothing (excuses for an online shopping spree perhaps!?), but you will know that anything you pull out to wear from now on will make you feel confident.
  • Invest in some good quality loungewear. Nobody wants to spend a winter lockdown trussed up in skinny jeans… just to sit on the sofa every night. So look at pieces which will be comfortable but still have a little glam factor. Think cashmere knits, soft fabrics and wrap cardigans layered over silk camisoles. There are some gorgeous fitted jogging bottoms around these days that look way too stylish to be classed as loungewear. It’s all about finding pieces which are relaxed but still make you feel like the old you… Remember the old you? She was fun.
  • Don’t forget the power of accessories in brightening your mood. A fabulous necklace or statement earring can help you feel so much more ‘done’ in a flash. Plus, with our social lives temporarily taking place back on zoom; people are inevitably going to notice your earrings more than they would your maxi skirt!
  • Every now and again, lock the bathroom door and declare a pamper evening. Who cares if nobody is going to see your toes? Chucking a bit of pink polish on them is one of the oldest quick-fix pick-me-ups in the book. And while you’re in there; don’t underestimate the impact a little touch of false tan can have. You don’t need to go the whole hog (or the whole mahogany), just a touch of tint on your face and arms will be enough to remind you of sunkissed summers. We’re all counting down the days until the next one after all!

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And if you want to work with me, feel free to give me a shout here or at helen@twinstantrumsandcoldcoffee.com and I’ll get back to you.

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