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Getting Married After Kids? Here’s How to Have an Amazing Wedding Without Blowing Your Budget

There is no getting around the fact that if you want to get married, a wedding is going to cost quite a bit of cash. And for those who have waited until starting a family before tying the knot, money can be especially tight.

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Thankfully you can still keep a handle on costs and put together a perfect wedding, so long as you are strategic with your spending choices. With that in mind, here are some solutions to this complex conundrum.

Choose a Less Expensive, More Eco-Friendly Diamond Ring

Choosing a less expensive diamond ring is an excellent start if you want to get married without it becoming a big financial burden.

Instead of splurging on pricier rings, consider selecting one with a lab-created diamond in any shape grown in a zero emission foundry from VRAI as the centrepiece. These flawless man-made stones will sparkle just as brightly as their mined counterparts, but come at a more affordable asking price.

As they are created in controlled laboratory environments, you’ll experience peace of mind knowing that no controversial practices were involved in their production.

Moreover, opting for these beautiful diamonds sets a positive example by emphasising that it’s possible to celebrate significant life milestones while remaining conscious of budget limitations and even avoiding the environmental concerns that come with mined gems.

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Opt for an Intimate Family-Centred Wedding Ceremony- and Embrace the Savings

Considering the financial implications of getting married after having kids, opting for an intimate and family-centred wedding ceremony is a wise decision. Smaller gatherings not only cut costs but also provide a warm, personal atmosphere for your special day.

To plan this perfect celebration, focus on a guest list including immediate family and close friends who genuinely share the joy of your union. By doing so, you create an unforgettable experience filled with love while keeping expenses in check. Also, it gives you the opportunity to allocate more resources towards other aspects such as food quality or memorable moments with your children during the event.

Remember that what makes a wedding meaningful isn’t necessarily its grandeur. Instead, it’s about celebrating love among those dear to us. Thus a smaller wedding is just as much of a special occasion as a big blow-out bash.

Get Creative with DIY Wedding Decorations: Reuse, Recycle, and Repurpose

Incorporating DIY decorations for your wedding not only saves on cost but also allows you to showcase your creativity and personalise the event. Consider these ideas to transform your space without blowing the budget:

  • Mason Jar Centerpieces: Fill mason jars with flowers, candles, or fairy lights for a charmingly rustic feel.
  • Paper Flowers: Create beautiful floral arrangements from high-quality paper instead of fresh blooms, making them last longer while reducing expenses.
  • Photo Wall: Use wire grids or string together ribbons to hang family photos, an emotional touch that pays tribute to cherished moments.
  • Balloon Archways: Design attractive entrance points at affordable prices by assembling colourful balloon garlands yourself or with aid from friends and family members.

A self-decorated wedding can look classy and cool, as well as being easier on your bank balance. If you’re not crafty yourself, recruit some friends and family who are and get them to help in place of a wedding gift.

Collaborate with Local Vendors for Budget-Friendly Wedding Catering Options

When planning a budget-friendly wedding, collaborating with local vendors can provide delicious catering options without draining finances. Here are some valuable ideas to pursue:

  • Food Trucks: Hire a local food truck specialising in your preferred cuisine for a casual and cost-effective dining experience that satisfies guests’ taste buds.
  • Buffet Style: Opting for self-service buffet stations reduces labour costs while offering variety at a comparably lower price point than plated meals.
  • Dessert Bars: Instead of an expensive multi-tiered cake, create enticing dessert bars featuring homemade or locally-sourced pies, cupcakes, or even donuts, delivering delightful treats to suit everyone’s palate.

With these tasty alternatives in mind, you demonstrate how creativity paired with resourcefulness has the potential to enhance any celebration. You’ll also be doing your bit to build up small businesses, rather than pouring cash into the coffers of already established catering behemoths.

Rent or Borrow Wedding Attire: Stay Stylish Without Breaking the Bank

Weddings often entail high expenses for attire, but renting or borrowing outfits significantly reduces this burden on your family budget without sacrificing style.

Consider bridal gown rental services that give access to designer dresses at a fraction of their retail price. For grooms, tuxedo and suit rentals are also cost-effective options in lieu of buying outright.

Alternatively, explore borrowing from friends who’ve recently wed and are of a similar size. They might be happy to share their special garments with you for your big day, providing both elegance and savings. This can be a touchy subject of course, so pick the person and the moment to ask with care.

Prioritise Spending Wisely: Determine What Matters Most to You as a Couple

The last thing to do as part of this process is to prioritise spending to avoid going beyond your budget while still creating a memorable event. Here’s how:

  • Determine Non-Negotiables: Identify what’s crucial for you and your partner, be it top-quality food, professional photography or unique entertainment. Then, allocate more funds towards these areas.
  • Cut Back on Less Impactful Elements: Reassess elements that may not significantly affect guests’ experiences (e.g., elaborate floral arrangements or designer invitations).
  • Shop Around and Compare Quotes: Approach multiple vendors to find competitive prices before making decisions regarding services like venue rental, catering or décor.

Being open, honest and transparent in your aims from day one will help everyone get onboard with your budget-conscious wedding plans. It also helps to understand that just because you are compromising on costs, you are not diminishing the importance of the day as a whole. And if you’ve already got through the early years of bringing up kids, this should be a cake walk in comparison.

Wrapping Up

It’s more than possible to have a wedding to remember if you are already parents. With an eye on the matter of money from the get-go, your nuptials will be special and memorable, as well as affordable.

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