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What to pack for your trip away camping with kids

Going camping can be very exciting as you get to go out and explore the beauty of nature along the way. Nevertheless, it may become a huge disaster if you’re not fully prepared with the right supplies, especially when you’re going camping with the kids. There are no guidelines on what to bring for a family camping trip. You want to keep things simple and advise your kids to do the same. However, it’s critical to pack the appropriate necessities to ensure your family’s comfort, enjoyment, and safety.

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Bring some sleeping bags and pillows

Pack a foldable sleeping bag for each camper, even when the weather forecast for your camping vacation appears scorching. Temperatures in wooded or hilly places can decrease by 20 degrees or more during nightfall, particularly when the sky is clear.

You can have a difficult night’s sleep if you don’t have a pillow. If your children are new to camping, they will appreciate having a pillow for the night or as a small piece of home to sleep with. Consider getting pillows that solely used for camping instead of using your pillows at home. This is because the campfire may leave a scent on it after several days of your camping trip.

Pack extra clothing when camping with kids

Baby's dirty sock and trousers as they sit on the ground camping
Source: unsplash.com – Meghan Holmes

Regardless of where they go, kids always manage to get their clothes stained or wet. It’s especially possible when you’re surrounded by rocks, ponds, and paths in the camping site where everyone can well get coated in dirt. It’s a good idea when camping with kids to pack some extra dry shirts, comfortable pants, socks, and underwear if it gets muddy or they decide to have an impromptu swim.

Keep in mind that temperatures may plummet dramatically after the sunsets, even in the height of summer. Keep a stash of fleece sweaters and coats in the trunk of your car if it suddenly becomes unbearably chilly.

Do not forget your personal toiletries

Most camping sites provide restrooms with water, toilets, and shower facilities. It is a wise idea to carry your personal supply of toilet paper in case the bathroom runs out of it. Make sure to bring along necessary toiletries such as shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, and any other essential amenities you may require. It would be best if you also packed your sunscreen along with your toiletry. Being outdoors all day exposes you to a significant amount of sunlight and harmful UV rays, so sunscreen will be helpful.

Prepare food supplies

When camping with kids, a little forethought will help you prepare great camp meals that the children will enjoy. If you have babies or toddlers coming along on the trip, do not forget to bring along sufficient milk formula to last throughout the camping trip. Make a list of what you intend to have for each mealtime, then do what you can at home, such as marinating meats, cutting veggies, and wrapping potatoes in foil. Doing this can be very convenient as you wouldn’t have to stress about it later.

Bring the lights

A lamp hanging in the woods for people camping
Source: pexels.com – Uriel Mont

The beauty of leaving the suburbs and venturing into the big outdoors is that the lack of light pollution allows you to see a gazillion beautiful stars in the sky. However, your children may not be used to the dark, especially when you’re from a city where it’s never too dark outside. Bring a variety of illumination choices, including torches, headlamps and lanterns, as well as enough batteries to keep them fully charged.

Prepare portable travel potty seat

If your kids still need assistance when they want to go to the toilet, it would be ideal for you to pack their potty trainer. Set it up right outside your tent so your children would not have to take a long trip just to go to the toilet. It will also seem more comfortable for toddlers who are uncomfortable using the restroom in unfamiliar areas.

Pack portable air mattresses when camping with kids

Bring something comfy like an air mattress for your kids to sleep on, even if you’re a rugged, seasoned camper who prefers to sleep on solid ground. It might spare you from having to go back early with children who don’t enjoy sleeping on the rough ground. Ensure to check your air mattresses and inspect for any holes and leaks beforehand. If your mattresses don’t have a built-in pump, don’t forget to pack along a battery-operated air pump with you.

Set up a tent away from rough regions that may damage the mattress. You could also consider setting up a portable hammock to help make sleeping and relaxing appear even more appealing. It can be a comfortable spot for reading, resting, or unwinding while listening to some campfire stories.

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