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6 tips for introducing yoga for kids in the comfort of your home

As more and more people discover the power of yoga, we are now realising it’s potential to help minds and bodies of all ages. Yoga for kids can be hugely beneficial, and here’s how to introduce it.

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Finding a yoga class for kids and trying to fit it into a bustling family schedule can be a challenge. But the good news is, with very few tools you can set up your own yoga routine for your little ones at home.

Here are our top tips to help you get started with yoga for kids.

Have a go yourself first

You don’t need to be a yoga expert to enjoy practicing with your kids, but starting your own yoga journey will allow you to truly understand the benefits and throw yourself into it with purpose! Grab yourself some yoga clothes and watch Adriene Mishler on YouTube – her videos are fantastic for yogis of all levels and are specifically geared towards an ‘at home’ practice.

A woman sitting on a mat on the grass doing a yoga pose
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Find space to do yoga for kids

In every sense. Find space in your week and space in your house/garden/local park. Initially you may want to designate a specific timeslot, for example, 15 minutes every Tuesday and Sunday afternoon. Start small. Having this time mapped out will ensure that yoga becomes a conscious practice, an excellent lesson for children who love routine and stability.

Set your intention

Are you using yoga to help your kids burn off energy? Are you using it to wind down before bedtime? The way you guide their practice will depend on the intention. For an energetic practice, outdoor space and challenging poses is fantastic – your kids will love wobbling and experimenting with their body. For a relaxed session, go down a route of gentle flow followed by kid-focused guided meditation. You can tell them a story while they close their eyes and lay on the floor.

Yoga for kids – Basic Asana

Children are naturally energetic and flexible! Get them to master some basic poses. This is also a great parenting hack if you want to enjoy a warm drink – get them in the garden and call out the yoga poses. You could even work a game of musical statues in, while you sit back and watch. Good poses to start out with are:

– Downward dog

– Tree pose

– Happy baby

– Plank

– Dancers Pose

– Cat/cow pose

– Mountain pose

two brothers practise yoga for kids with Cosmic Kids

Make yoga for kids a game

For younger children, presenting yoga as a game is the best way to get them on board. Cosmic Kids yoga presents yoga flows in the form of familiar fairy-tales, TV shows and stories. It can be a great one for kids to do alone and can provide inspiration for you next time you want to take over. We did it a lot during that first lockdown for homeschooling!

A time for sharing

The ‘wind down’ or meditation time after a yoga session can be a great time for letting go of things. Encourage your children to say one thing that made them happy that day, and one thing that made them sad. Gently blow away their sadness, being sure to get some tickles in there. Laughter is the best medicine. Soon your children will know this is a safe space and set time to share and listen to their worries.

Yoga can be life changing and introducing your children to it young will provide incredible, life long benefits. There’s no better time to get started!

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