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How finding a special ingredient in a cereal bar is helping support my kids’ immune health

As parents, we are always worrying about our children’s health and wellbeing, and whether we can do more to support it. And now I’ve discovered that I can help my boys’ immune health in a really simple way with something called yeast beta glucans.

This is a sponsored post for Wellmune® through Maverick Mindshare.

I know, I know, you have no clue what I’m talking about. I’d never heard of them before either, but they’re definitely worth learning about. And they’re an easy way to support our children’s health. 

I worry that my kids aren’t getting the right things from the food they eat to be healthy and ward off any bugs. Mainly because they are so fussy when it comes to what they’ll actually eat! I constantly think they should be eating a wider variety of foods, and despite trying all sorts, they are still eating a pretty limited diet, with the same fruit and (small amount of) veg in it over and over again. 

Ever since they were babies, I’ve added vitamins to their diet either through supplements in their formula, or a chewy sweet after their breakfast nowadays. They call it their ‘special sweet’, and there’s all hell to pay if I forget to give it to them. They love them that much and have no idea I’m giving it to them for their own good. All three boys just think they’re yummy! And I guess when it comes to kids that’s all that matters to them. 

Three brothers eat special cereal bars that support their immune healths

Discovering how to help your child’s immune health

So, you can imagine how pleased I was when I found out I could be doing something similar to support their immune health too. 

And that’s where the yeast beta glucans I mentioned just now, come into play. 

Yeast beta glucan is a powerful immune-supporting ingredient found in functional foods, beverages and supplements, making it easy for you to get clinically supported immune health benefits throughout your day. And they’re great for both children and adults. 

A research-supported yeast beta glucan, Wellmune® is an ingredient used by functional food, beverage and supplement makers in healthy lifestyle products with immune benefits.

I’ve found cereal bars that contain Wellmune – and the kids LOVE them. They have no idea of the benefits they contain. They just think they’re super tasty (which I can confirm they are!). And with the chocolate and hazelnut flavour, they just think they’re getting a chocolatey treat! 

Chocolate cereal bars that contain Wellmune to help immune health

But how does it all work? Here’s the ‘sciency’ bit. 

When taken daily, as a supplement or in a functional food or drink formulated with certain yeast beta glucans, clinical research shows they can help support the innate immune system by priming it to be ready to react.

Think of your immune system primed by yeast beta glucans as your wellness team that has been trained daily to go into action during game day. When you take Wellmune every day, immune cells are better prepared to go into action.

In need of a bit more science? I think so…

When consumed in whatever form (cereal bars in our case), yeast beta glucans enter the gut. Cells in the gut absorb them and travel to immune organs throughout the body such as tonsils, lymph nodes, appendix, spleen and bone marrow. These cells break the yeast beta glucans down into smaller pieces that attach themselves to immune cells. Now that they’re primed, these immune cells move more effectively. Simple, isn’t it! 

We all know the best way to keep our immune system running smoothly is to maintain healthy habits through what we eat, exercise, 8 hours sleep (I wish!), etc. But experts also agree that sometimes extra functional ingredients, like yeast beta glucans, can be beneficial. It’s like an extra helping hand, and show me a mum who doesn’t need one of those!

Not all yeast beta glucans are the same. The key is to look for yeast beta glucans supported by research. Wellmune is best in class and the only yeast beta glucan of its kind backed by over a dozen published, peer-reviewed clinical studies that demonstrate its efficacy and safety. These studies have shown the benefit of Wellmune for children, older adults, people experiencing stress as well as athletes or weekend warriors. It’s safe to use daily in young children right up to elderly people. 

How do you get Wellmune® into your kids?

So now you know how it works, how do you actually get Wellmune into your kids? Or even yourselves? 

Luckily loads of products contain Wellmune so there is something for everyone to try. 

My kids love the cereal bars, but they’d just as easily eat a chewy sweet or drink one of the flavoured waters that contain it. And we adults could have it in immunity drink shots, protein powders or supplements. It’s really simple to use. 

products such as drinks and cereal bars that contain wellmune to support immune health

I love how I can give the boys a cereal bar and they don’t realise it’s doing them so much good. We have cereal bars all the time. They’re a perfect snack to chuck in my bag for when we go out and about. 

We all know that kids are all about the snacks. They’d much rather eat snacks all day than what they consider ‘proper food’. So, I never have trouble getting them to eat it. They’re constantly asking for more of them! 

It’s great that I have found something that’s helping their immune health. Especially without them thinking they have to have something they consider is medicine or that tastes yucky. It’s just not sustainable to do that – mainly because as a parent it’s not worth the battle! 

Where do you find Wellmune products? 

As I’ve mentioned, you can find the Wellmune yeast beta glucan in loads of products. Just search for the word Wellmune on the ingredient label. Or look for the logo on your favourite foods, snacks, drinks and supplements at the supermarket or online. You’ll be surprised how many there are to choose from. 

Now I know all about yeast beta glucans and the health benefits they have, not only for my boys but also adults too. It’s useful and easy, and it’s reassuring to know I can help my family’s general immune health by doing something so simple. 

PIN image of three boys eating cereal bars containing Wellmune yeast beta glucans to support immune health

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