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5 simple ways to travel on a budget – so you can do more of it!

We had to hit the pause button on travel due to the Coronavirus sweeping the globe, but with vaccinations more available than ever before, travel is picking up steam once again. While travel may cost you, there are ways to travel on a budget – meaning you can do it more often!

This is a guest post in collaboration with Alycia Coloma.

If you want to get the most out of your summer with road trips or flights to different areas of the country or even the globe, here are five ways you can make travel happen—even if you don’t have an arm and a leg to spend on it:

Look for cheap flights to travel on a budget

If you’re someone who prefers flying over driving, you may be looking into low cost flights from Lexington KY or other major cities to your desired location. While ticket prices have begun to increase because of the changes in mask-usage, there are still ways to find cheap flights, so you can get to your desired destination without spending too much on your means of travel.

Use an app to find the cheapest gas

If you are planning a road trip, fuel can be one of the larger expenses, especially if your vehicle is a gas guzzler like a motorhome or large truck. You may not pay much attention to the cost of gas at home but when it comes to road tripping, it’s wise to look for the cheap gas prices so you can save, even if it’s only a few dollars each stop—it all adds up.

Consider traveling in off season

Traveling in the off-season could be challenging to do if you only have time off during peak travel times like the summer. However, if you can wing it, planning trips to certain locations when tourism is lower can help you find better deals on both flights, hotels, and more, as there is less demand and locals are willing to offer their services and products at a lower cost.

Think about an alternative destination

During the high season, some places are going to be considerably more expensive than other ones. For example, perhaps you have your heart set on South Beach in Miami during the summer but find that the prices are sky-high. Consider traveling to another destination, such as a beach like Puerto Vallarta in Mexico, where you may still get the same bang for your buck while enjoying a new experience.

Another idea: you could find an alternate trip idea like a spa destination, which could be what you need. After all, spas offer relaxing services that will help you feel more relaxed than ever before.

Plan your meals

It’s exciting to go to a new place and try new food yet while traveling on a budget, a good option would be to plan some meals out while getting groceries for other times, so that you still get to afford some tasty, local bites, without taking too big a bite out of your pocketbook. If you want to make sure to find the best spots, take your time to do your research, so you don’t haphazardly spend money on a meal that is less than desirable. With a specific amount of meals out, it’s worth spending time finding the perfect option.

In conclusion

Spending less on your trips means you’ll have more left over for more trips. Throughout the year, you may want to visit various destinations, so if you plan your trip budget well, you’ll find it much easier to make more travel happen. With restrictions being lifted in different places, we’re all wanting to get on the road once again—even on a budget.

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