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Five easy tips for taking care of your teeth

A smile is something that we all want to share. And it’s made all the better when we have teeth we’re proud of. How are your teeth doing? One of the most important ways you can ensure a healthy, happy smile is to make sure you’re taking care of your teeth.

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While you probably learned how to brush your teeth at a young age, maintaining healthy dental hygiene goes far beyond just brushing them. Here are five tips to make sure you are cleaning them properly and taking care of your teeth.

Get frequent check-ups

Going for a check-up and finding out the answer to “how much does an x ray cost?” can help you know how your teeth are doing, long before any issues become serious. Going for a dental check-up can ensure fillings are taken care of and see if you need any immediate work to avoid serious decay in the future. It’s wise to get check-ups every now and then. So schedule you’re appointment today if you haven’t been to the dentist in a long time.  If you don’t have one yet, a quick Google search for a term like “quality periodontics in Greeneville” should pull up a list of dentists that you can check out.

Go in for cleanings on a regular basis

Along with frequent visits to general dental checkups, consider booking cleanings to get a deep cleaning for your mouth. You can also get stains removed, and if you have excess plaque, your dental hygienist can help get rid of it and avoid tartar buildup. This is not something you want to deal with. They can also help you avoid getting gum disease and tooth decay, so getting a regular cleaning is key to a healthy mouth. Consider investing in dental insurance to cover costs.

Always floss when taking care of your teeth

Brushing your teeth is great for your dental hygiene. It helps you get into spaces between your teeth where food can get stuck. While brushing your teeth helps to remove some of the food and bacteria, flossing ensures that no food is left behind. If you do have bridges or other extensive dental work, you’ll want to invest in different products that are designed for flossing bridges as simple dental floss won’t work to get in spaces between your gums and teeth. We live busy lives, whether you’re a mum to twins or a busy career woman, but flossing should always be on your schedule.

A picture of a woman taking care of your teeth by flossing them

Brush your teeth

Of course, you don’t want to trade toothbrushing for flossing. You’ll still need to brush your teeth and do it well. A dental hygienist can help you understand the right way to brush your teeth and the best toothbrush for your specific needs.

Additionally, it’s always important to go to bed with clean, brushed teeth to avoid the possibility of food and bacteria getting stuck in your mouth overnight. Whether you’re going on a trip with your kids or traveling solo, always make sure you bring a toothbrush.

Eat well to ensure you’re taking care of your teeth

Candy can be detrimental to your teeth both for the sugars and also because hard candy can be hard on your teeth. Additionally, your overall nutrition can impact your health, which can start to show in your teeth. For example, if you have reflux issues or suffer from eating disorders, the effects can start to show up in your mouth through cavities and overall weak teeth.

Protein and calcium-rich foods can be helpful when it comes to strengthening your teeth and also helping your body avoid infection, which can result in tooth decay and tooth loss.

In conclusion

From your nutrition to how often you clean your teeth, there are different things that can be done to make sure your mouth stays healthy, no matter what. While you may be brushing your teeth daily already, if it doesn’t include flossing or regular dental cleanings, it’s a good time to improve your dental hygiene. After all, maintaining healthy teeth is a form of self-care, and if you’re a busy mom, you need all the self-care possible!

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