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4 simple spring decorating tips for your home

It’s Spring-cleaning season, and everyone is focusing on decluttering and decorating their homes. It seems that most of us are excited to embrace minimalism and send items off to charity. While we are feeling empowered about asking ourselves if old socks “spark joy,” we are much less thrilled about redecorating once our old stuff is gone.

This is a guest post in collaboration with Alycia Coloma.

This article offers four simple Spring decorating tips for your home and takes the guesswork out for decorating for you. You’re welcome.

4 simple Spring decorating tips for your home

1. Have Fun with Feng Shui

Reorganise what you have in a new way. Move the couch to the other wall or turn your bed the other direction so that it’s facing the window. These minor changes might require heavy lifting, but they are cost-free ways to make your home feel brand-new. You can take the concept of reorienting to your kitchen and wardrobes. Restock the cupboards according to canned goods and colour coordinate your bathroom towels. Get creative with the process and reclaim your space in new ways.

2. Create Space Using Mirrors

Decorate to create the illusion of added space. Incorporate oversized mirrors and hang them on walls that reflect primary areas in each room. If you want to make your living room appear larger, hang your mirrors on a wall that reflects your sitting area. This will give the illusion that your sitting area is larger than it is. If you can orient your seating so that it is closer to a circle, the area will appear larger as well.

Encircling your living room furniture is fairly easy to do, as these seating arrangements are common for socialising and enjoying time at home. Place your furniture in ways that allow you to face others. If you have a small bathroom, putting a mirror on the wall facing your bath will also give you the idea that the space is larger. You’ll feel more relaxed and enjoy the area even more with the illusion of added room.

3. Add Colour with Flowers

Create centrepieces on your tables with vases of flowers. It’s Spring, so pick colours that welcome the season. We recommend pink and yellow roses or tulips to add splashes of brightness. Some people are content shopping for flowers at local nurseries, florists, and markets, but others fear wear and tear from travel. If you’re concerned that the state of your flowers won’t hold up from the car ride back from the store, order flowers instead. Flowers are the perfect splash of colour to brighten up every space. We especially recommend using them to improve the vibe in your home office.

4. Refresh with Accent Pieces

To spruce up your space, consider adding in accent pieces. These new features will create just the right amount of change you’re looking to bring into your home and without spending a fortune to do so. Consider replacing old throw pillows with new ones that are Spring-forward. Buy a set of bright candles, or purchase a quilt to add an element of surprise to colour-themed and uniformed rooms. We recommend anything with patterns like paisley, patchwork, and stripes. You might also invest in new bedding for better sleep. The main idea is to add changes that you’ll notice. Be creative and consider what would be most eye-catching to you.

Spring decorating is not as challenging as it seems. Decorating any time of the year is really just about knowing one secret: a little goes a long way. Make the most of your space this Spring with these simple tips and enjoy your new decorating all season long.

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