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For snow fun with the family, try a ski holiday in Japan!

If skiing and snowboarding is your thing, have you ever thought about a ski holiday in Japan?

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It might seem a long way to go, once travel restrictions ease, but a trip to Japan-Hunter Mountain Salt Flats ski resort near Tokyo, might just be worth it.

With the arrival of the new snow season, are you wondering where to go skiing? Click here to obtain your Japan travel visa, and start planning that dream holiday.

It might not be somewhere you’ve ever thought about. But there are quality ski resorts near the capital of Japan where you can ski smoothly, whether you are a novice or a big shot. You can ignite the passion of the white world there and have a wild time in the snow.

Skiing and hot springs have long been the best choice for winter travel holidays, and even more so in Japan, where there is one such place around Tokyo that takes skiing and hot springs to the extreme.

The city of Nasu-Shiobara is a hot spring resort near Tokyo, and the Shiobara Onsen Village, located in the Shiobara Valley, has a history of 1,200 years and is a famous hot spring popular with Japanese royalty and historical writers.

There are seven suspension bridges, including the famous “Red Leaf Suspension Bridge”, and more than 10 famous waterfalls. You can enjoy the beauty of the four seasons, including new greenery, red leaves and even snow.

In addition, you can enjoy the beauty of nature such as cherry blossoms, daffodils, hydrangeas, new greenery in Spring, fireflies and maple leaves in summer, and canoeing.

Here are some tips on taking a ski holiday in Japan

1. Hunter Mountain Salt Flats Ski Resort

Located in the city of Nasushirobara, the ski resort is only 150 minutes away by car. It offers a variety of snow recreation facilities with a maximum height difference of 3,000 metres.

As the largest and most popular snow resort in the Kanto region, the snow resort is open from the end of November until the beginning of April every year, and the snow season lasts for four months.

There are 12 trails in the resort, with a 3:4:3 ratio of beginner to intermediate to advanced, so snowboarders can find their own trails here.

There are designed Rail, BOX, Kicker, U-ski “Snow Park”, “Flag Gate Line”, to provide the best snow park experience for snow lovers with different needs

The “Family Ski Area” and the “Children’s Paradise” are specially set up for children’s skiing. So children can enjoy the happiness brought by snow on this ski holiday in Japan.

Ski instructor helps a three year old learn to ski for a piece about a ski holiday in Japan

2. Hot Springs

Shiobara Onsen Village has a history of 1,200 years and is a famous hot spring popular with Japanese royalty and historical figures. There are 11 different hot spring spots along the valley and a variety of outdoor hot springs, hotels and inns with different scenery.

The hot springs, which are rich in five kinds of beauty ingredients, are popular among women and are known as the top five beauty hot springs. Itaburo Onsen, which is hidden in the quiet mountains, and the hot spring town along the hot spring river still have the traditional scenic atmosphere.

3. Hotels

Choi Tsumugi Ayatsumugi

The hotel is located next to the scenic Shiobara Valley Suspension Bridge. There is beautiful scenery and precious hot springs in all seasons.

The hotel has 18 rooms, 8 of which have open-air baths (non-smoking rooms), and 2 of which are wheelchair accessible. With comfortable accommodation and beautiful scenery, you can spend the most beautiful time of your vacation alone.

The hotel offers delicious dishes prepared from local seasonal dishes.

4. Cuisine

Café Restaurant

The restaurant’s cuisine changes with the seasons, from gorgeous spring, to brilliant summer, to colourful autumn, to calm winter ……. The ingredients are selected from the local area and carefully cooked by the chef to present you with the most delicious and safe local delicacies.

5. Transportation

Airport Arrival

Fukushima Airport

Fukushima Airport → Bus (40 min.) → Koriyama Station → Train (25 min.) → Nasu Shiobara Station → Free shuttle bus* (1 hour, *shuttle bus reservation system) → HUNTER MOUNTAI Shiobara

Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)

Haneda Airport→Train (1 hour and 50 minutes)→Nasu Shiobara Station→Free shuttle bus※(1 hour, *shuttle bus reservation system)→HUNTER MOUNTAIN Shiobara

Narita International Airport

Narita Airport Station→Train (2 hours and 30 minutes)→Nasu Shiobara Station→Free shuttle bus※(1 hour, *shuttle bus reservation system)→HUNTER MOUNTAIN Shiobara

City Arrival

Ueno Station→Nasu Shiobara Station (1 hour and 5 minutes)→free shuttle bus※(1 hour)→HUNTER MOUNTAIN Shiobara

The winter in the snowy country is really beautiful. Explore the beauty of winter with snowboards, relieve your body from exhaustion with hot spring water. And give you a different culinary experience with authentic local food.

You can’t miss the winter in the Salt Flats! So now you know why it’s worth considering an adventure of a lifetime with a ski holiday in Japan.

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