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Guest post: Father’s Day – ways to remember your dad after death

This is a guest post by Catriona Jasica on how to remember your dad this Father’s Day if he has passed away.

Remember when you were a little kid, dad would come back from work and you stood firm on the door asking him to take you to the park? You refused to budge even a bit!

These are probably the cutest memories of everybody’s childhood. Growing up in the arms of our dads, we never worried about anything in the world. We were safe! Today, a lot of us have lost our fathers. And, every year when Father’s Day winds up, it slits up our hearts a little. This time, let’s not give in this day to the grief. Instead, remember your fathers doing something special for them and their souls. I bet, they’d be celebrating with you from somewhere up above!

Imitate hobbies your dad enjoyed

Recall what he used to do with all his heart and imitate the same. Maybe it was reading the newspaper in the morning or taking a walk outside as the day curtains fell. Perhaps he was fond of listening to the radio or old songs or maybe he loved spending his evenings in the balcony. Whatever it is, spend this Father’s Day doing all of that. You will feel as if he’s right there with you looking at you doing all that and smiling at you from a distance.  

Visit his grave

His grave is that place that’ll make your heart wince a little but bring you closer to him as well. Not just for a while, but you can spend a good time there with him. Bring something to sit on and stay there for longer than usual. You can talk to him, tell him about how you’ve been feeling after he died, what you’ve been doing and how you’ve been spending your life. You can also bring a bunch of beautiful flowers or maybe a few balloons to celebrate the day with him.

Have a get together with your dad’s friends

Everyone is happiest with their friends! Your dad must also have had a group of friends that he had laughed with until his stomach ached. Gather all of them, invite them over and arrange some snacks and drinks for this small get together. You can all talk about your father, how he was, what good things he did and how well he did in his life. This will surely bring back a lot of memories and a special feeling that’ll stay for the rest of the day with you.

Eat at his favourite restaurant

There certainly must have been days when your pa would drag you to that little café at the end of the street for dinner. There’s always that one place they’re die-hard fans of and can eat from without getting bored. On this day, you can hit that place and order away that favourite dish of your dad. Or maybe if you can’t visit, you can order some food from that restaurant for home delivery and get some Father’s Day special discounts as well.

Write your dad a letter

It may have been a time since you talked to your dad. Those days when you two could sit late at night watching TV and talking about the most random things were surely blissful. That longing of yours to pour out all your emotions in front of him can be satisfied. Write a letter to him! Write everything about how you feel and how much you miss him. Tell him everything that you want to. You can then take that letter to his grave or can leave it in his cupboard. It will make you feel light and content.

Visit an old people’s home

You have lost your father, but there are a lot of fathers out there who are alone and living in a nursing home having no one to love them. Why not pay a visit to such a place and meet all the dads there who are waiting for their children but never get a visit from them. You can also bring them flowers or gifts and spend some time with them sharing tales and stories.  

Go through old photos of your dad

Photos are like those stacks of memories kept in your drawer that you can revisit anytime. Old photo albums and the snaps on your phone are things that you can look back to and remember your dad by. You can also pick the best one of them and frame it in your room to have him by your side at all times.

About Catriona Jasica:

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