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Top things to know about MOT Tests for your car

You know you need an MOT for your car but aren’t sure what is involved? Here are some top things to know about MOT tests for your car.

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Read our brief guide and find out everything you need to know about having one completed.

What is an MOT?

MOT stands for Ministry of Transport. It is the commonly used term for a series of tests and inspections that were originally created by the government to determine whether cars – and other vehicles – were safe on the roads.

Therefore, you will need one to be street legal and for your insurance to be valid. If your car were to fail its MOT, then you are not allowed to drive it on the road with the only reasonable excuse being that you are taking it to get repaired or so that it can be inspected again following a repair in the hope that it will now pass its MOT. Only government-approved mechanics are able to undertake MOT inspections.

When is an MOT due?

Cars must hold a valid MOT after they are three years of age and continue to pass the test every year after that point. Classic cars that haven’t been modified do not need an MOT, however. This means that they must have been built four decades ago. Taxis and people carriers which have more than nine seats are required to pass an MOT annually regardless of their age, however.

A car key on top of an MOT certificate on a table

What’s checked in an MOT?

There are a huge number of checks covered in an MOT. In the main, however, they break down into three types of inspection. The first looks at the mechanics of the car which means features like the brakes, the steering system, the electrics and the exhaust will all undergo a thorough inspection. The next deals with the exterior, so things like the bodywork will be checked for structural damage. Other things, such as the headlights, the license plate, the tyres and the wipers are all looked at closely, too. The third area of inspection is inside. Here, the car’s horn, seatbelts and seats will all be tested.

Can one be completed at home?

Some of the tests involved in an MOT mean that they are not possible to do at home. However, many good mechanics will pick your car up from your home for you. They’ll undertake the test, and then return it to you which is effectively the same thing. Usually, an MOT only takes 45 minutes to an hour, so your car could be back with you within a few hours.

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