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Seven important benefits of journaling for kids

Journaling for kids – keeping a diary is no new phenomenon. People have been confessing their thoughts and feelings in written form for years, without chastisement or judgement. It helps to free your mind of those struggles and fears and getting them out on paper.

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Journaling is the same concept, and it encourages a person to let out their pent-up emotions without any rules. It is particularly great for children because it allows them to manage those big feelings that they may not be able to understand, while also expressing themselves and unleashing their creativity.

I have teamed up with a junior school in Surrey to explore the benefits of journaling for children in further detail below.

Journaling for kids is a creative outlet

Through a journal, children have the opportunity to explore their sense of self and who they are as a person in a creative manner, meaning they are not constricted by any rules. It’s a chance for them to engage their thinking skills and may help them come up with novel ways to solve problems.

It keeps them occupied

Journaling for kids is a way for them to learn that writing can be fun. It keeps them occupied in a positive way and gives them a well-needed break from their digital devices. And gives you a break from entertaining them. They don’t necessarily have to journal about difficult emotions; they could write about a recent holiday or something else that interests them, such as space or nature. As a result, they are able to explore topics that actually interest them.

Journaling for kids strengthens writing skills

Although spelling and grammar doesn’t have to be strict when journaling, it’s still an opportunity for youngsters to practise their writing skills and potentially become better communicators. The ability to write down one’s thoughts in a cohesive manner isn’t a skill that we are born with, but its something that can be practised. As a result, your child might be better at writing essays when their education requires it.

Journaling for kids - a girl writes into a diary at her desk

It promotes reflection

Journaling is a great way to encourage a child to reflect on a certain situation or experience in a calm manner. This helps them see things from different perspectives so that they can rationalise their position. In other words, by reflecting on something that might have upset them or made them feel angry, they may feel better able to cope with what happened and deal with it better in the future if it happens again.

It reduces stress

By writing in a journal, your child will be able to get things off their chest. It helps them prioritise their main concerns and track their triggers so that they are better able to understand their own emotions. They can identify their negative thoughts and track any day-to-day symptoms. This will help them manage their anxiety and reduce their stress, because it’s a chance for them to look for positive solutions.

Journaling for kids can encourage ambition

Journaling is an opportunity for children to consider their short- and long-term goals and plan ways in which they can fulfil them. This is fantastic for their motivation and gives them a sense of optimism for the future. Essentially, having something to work towards will help your child feel more positive about what is to come and they will feel more confident in their own abilities to succeed.

It builds trust

If journaling is something that you and your child might want to do together, it’s an opportunity to build trust between you. They will start to feel more comfortable telling you about their day and how they’re feeling because you will be able to lead by example and do the same thing back. This will help you learn what makes them tick and what triggers them so that you are in a better position to offer your support.

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