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How to keep your children healthy during and after Covid-19 pandemic

Covid-19 restrictions may have been eased in England and other parts of the world, but for many, children are still spending 24 hours a day with parents at home.

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UNICEF fears that if drastic measures are not put in place, especially in less developed countries, about 6,000 kids under 5–years-old may die daily as there’s no visible sign of it disappearing. Covid-19 continues to attack many people across the world.

Nobody knows what will happen in the UK in September when schools are due to go back. So far only certain year groups have returned, and even that is not compulsory. Thousands of youngsters are still being homeschooled by parents.

But making sure your children are as fit and healthy as they can be is key during and after Covid-19.

Here are three ways to improve the health of your children before they go back to school.

Wash their hands

A child washing their hands amidst the Covid-19 pandemic

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The health of the little ones lies with us parents, so wash their hands regularly. While they are having a good time away from the classroom, or whilst they are at school if they’ve gone back, they are likely to play around and touch unhygienic surfaces. Frequent washing of their hands will clear away dirt and disease-causing organisms that can endanger their health. However, you’ll not always be around to do it for them. So, teach them how they should wash their hands properly. Hopefully, they will remember to do so when they all return to school.

Make healthy food choices for them

For the most part, your kids will be eating their breakfast at home, and lunch at school. Since they may be too young to know which foods are the best for their bodies, you should have some healthy ideas for your child’s lunchbox handy. Your young ones need parental inspiration and guidance to go to school armed with healthy and tasty packed lunches. They have no idea about calorie counting or healthy diets. Good lunch ideas should factor in the age requirements of your kids in accordance with the recommended calorie levels below.

  • 4–8 years:  1200 to 1800 calories
  • 9–13 years: 1600 to 2600 calories
  • Girls aged 14–18 years: 1800 to 2400 calories
  • Boys aged 14–18 years:  2000 to 3200 calories

Strengthen their immune systems for after Covid-19

Toddler asleep which helps his immune system during Covid-19

In New York, Covid-19 related syndromes have killed three children. It’s not easy to predict how future pandemics will affect infants, therefore, practice prevention because it’s always better than a cure. Immune boosters are great investments in your child’s long-term health post-Covid-19, so you may wish to buy mushroom capsules, or other supplements, and make these part of your family routine to give you all a little extra support during these uncertain times. Having missed a lot of their school lessons staying at home, your kids will need strong immune systems when they return to school. Here are ways to boost their immune system.

  • Let them do minor physical exercises. Kids can’t lift heavyweights such as barbells, but they can jog, run, jump, and even dance to keep fit
  • Do not put pressure on them. Stress weakens the immune system
  • Prepare balanced diets for them
  • Ensure they get good sleep

To summarise, while scientists are working hard to find a vaccine or the best possible cure for the coronavirus, parents must also be working around the clock to improve their kids’ health even before they get back to school after Covid-19. This means greater protection for themselves and their teachers.

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