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Adopt the Global Style décor trend for your bedroom – tips on how to create the look

The Global Style is a trend that flourished in the middle of a global pandemic. 

With international travel still posing some uncertainties even after all this time, there`s no wonder that most of us are facing an overwhelming desire for tropical getaways and far-flung destinations. 

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That explains the popularity that the Global Style benefited from during these uncertain times. 

In the middle of all the chaos, this fascinating decorating trend offers us a chance to indulge in those far-away cultures and bring a taste of our favourite destinations into our homes. 

“The challenge and goal is to capture the aesthetic of global styles through unique and creative perspectives.”, explains Maria Parry. 

Global Style Trademarks

  • An artful blend of worldly finds
  • Unique architectural elements 
  • Style cues from multifaced regions
  • A worldy colour palette. Think dark browns, soft tans, spice-inspired hues, and pops of black. 
  • Patterns inspired by ancient weaving methods
  • Accessories and artwork from around the world
  • Authentic treasures, like handmade crafts from a specific region
  • An iconic element. For instance, a patterned floor cushion. 
A metal chair and lantern holder cage next to a wooden wall and plant showing off global style decor

Depending on what part of the world inspires you the most, there are several styles you could include in your décor. 

Whether it is an eclectic mix that you feel more inclined towards or you’d like to focus just on one of these styles, the good news is that there are no complex rules. 

We will now take you on a virtual trip to the far corners of the Earth. So keep reading to explore the endless possibilities that this trend offers. 

The African Style

Safari, wildlife, desert, and animal motifs, are just some of the themes you can include in your African-inspired décor. 

To create a chic Morrocan desert feel, incorporate a sea of floor pillows, lanterns inlaid with colorful glass, and mosaic tiles or textiles. 

To adopt this style in your bedroom, think of a double bed upholstered in a jewel-tone fabric and anchor it with an eye-catching art piece with animal motifs such as giraffes, lions, or elephants. 

Two stark head pictures on the wall of an African styled bedroom  showing off global style decor

The Mediterranean Style 

Spanish Style 

Spanishstyle spaces not only feel traditional and sophisticated, but they also embody a sense of warmth and comfort.

If you are looking for a vivid and vibrant look, fill your home with rich Mediterranean colours. Ones that are reminiscent of Spanish villas, deep rich wood tones, heavy dark accent tables, and ceramics.

When it comes to your bedroom, a heavy wooden bed with a rustic feel would be your best bet. 

Italian Style

 Italianstyle homes are not just luxurious, and they are layered in luxury from floor to ceiling—not a corner is missed. Every detail is top-quality, and fine craftsmanship reigns supreme.

If you lean towards a lush feel, pair soft textures with natural wood finishes and try to keep things light and breezy. 

Greek Style 

A greek styled bedroom with lots of white linen and blue wooden ceiling

Traditional Greek interior decor encompasses natural stone flooring, especially marble or limestone, to create a warm look in tune with nature. Area rugs featuring stripe patterns usually with flowers, trellis, and classic motifs are used instead of wall-to-wall carpeting, lending the home a rustic feel.

Think of the white and blue houses of Santorini with white-washed walls, reminiscent of the blue of the sky. 

To master the look, incorporate blue textured ocean designs, sea blues, and turquoise colors mixed with neutral and natural textured fabrics. 

To inject this look into your bedroom, choose an upholstered bed in a light grey or neutral colour. Then pair it with natural fabrics in soft blues and crisp whites. 

French Style 

The French style is the epitome of timeless elegance, effortless chic, vintage pieces, and soft colours.

To replicate this style, think of feminine ornaments and elegant furniture pieces such as a bed frame with a curved silhouette. 

The Tropics Style 

A bed with plants on the duvet cover and green sheets, with plants in the corner of the room in a Tropics style decor

Tropical style is all about comfort, ease, and utility and is eclectic by definition.

The style is characterised by warm and soothing colors drawn chiefly from natural elements such as the sea, sky, and vegetation. Hues may be deep and rich or may fall on the lighter, brighter side.

Animal prints or botanical inspired patterns are crucial in this style. 

Think of tropical fruits and animals such as pineapple décor, peacocks, or beautiful ostrich feathers for your accessories.

The Mexican Style 

A lady sitting on a step surrounded by bright coloured walls in a Mexican style

Inspired by a combination of Spanish missionary style, indigenous art, Aztec and Mayan heritage, and international design, Mexican design is characterised by a vivacious spirit, effortless charm, and warm yet intricate patterns.

To adopt this eclectic feel, mix rustic wood and iron furnishings with over-the-top, bright, and vivid colours.

For instance, dress a metal bed in vivid pinks and blues and style it with beautiful embroidery and handmade weaving. 

Global Style offers endless opportunities

These are just some examples of how bold you can go with the Global Style.

Whatever cultures you are fascinated by, remember that this trend offers endless opportunities. And as we said before, there are no complex rules for decorating your bedroom. 

So go ahead, embrace maximum escapism and have fun with it! 

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