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How to prepare your kids for getting active

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Getting out of the house and keeping active is something that everybody should be doing. We’re creatures that need to be on the move as much as possible – our brains need it just as much as our bodies do.

If we’re sitting around lazily a lot of the time; we’re being affected physically and mentally, and not in a good way. It’s absolutely vital that the young people today are on the move frequently and keeping active, too. They need to be in good condition for now and for the future. If they’re lazy now, then it’ll be drilled into them as they grow.

Getting them involved with different sports teams or activities is a great way of keeping them in the right shape, so it’s pretty wise to find something that they’ll love and let them take part. If you’re a parent, then getting your child into a sports team or something similarly sporty and active would be a great idea.  

Let’s say you’ve found something for them, and that they’re going to be spending the day on their feet and exercising. You’re going to need to get a few things done for them in order for them to maximise their experience. They’re kids, so they’re not exactly going to know or care about anything other than enjoying what’s in front of them.

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Here are a few things you should probably do:


Before a big day of physical activity, people need to sleep in order to gain how is it used that energy. When kids are young, they get tired pretty easily and most sleep fine (apparently!), so getting them to bed shouldn’t be too stressful. It would be a lot easier still if they had a morning and evening routine, but you probably have that system covered already. 

Bring a second pair of clothes 

Getting active hopefully means they’re also getting a little hot and sweaty. They will probably be okay in terms of any mess, but it’s always wise to make sure you take some clothes for them to change into once the events of the day are finished – you never know what could happen. 

Getting active means getting hungry

We talked about energy in terms of the sleep they should be getting. Energy is also obtained by eating, of course. Be sure to bring lots of good food for them so they can recharge when things get a little slower. If you’re not sure what kinds of things to bring, then you can look online for different sporty kids lunchbox ideas and pick what seems the most suitable. 

Remind them that winning isn’t everything

Yes, winning and getting the prizes feels great, but it’s not the be-all and end-all. The taking part really is what matters most of the time – especially for kids. If they act out and misbehave when things don’t go their way, then it can ruin the proceedings for everyone else. You should let them know that they need to be magnanimous in every instance. You don’t want them entering adulthood with that same childish behaviour.

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