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Awesome tips for furnishing your child’s room this school year

The school year is in full swing, and if you haven’t gotten around to it yet, it’s high time to adapt your child’s room to their studying needs. Do you feel overwhelmed by the number of options in children’s furniture and accessories? We’ve got a bunch of useful tips to help you furnish a room your child will feel comfortable in and where they can study with ease.

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Your child entering primary school is a major life milestone that inevitably affects the furnishing of their room. It should now provide space to do their homework and prepare for the following school day while still offering plenty of space for play and rest. It’s pointless to try to achieve a timeless set-up that won’t require any changes for years to come in a child’s room. Your child will far more appreciate a room furnished in proportion to their age, personality, and interests.

Ideas on how to furnish your child's room
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Work hard, play hard 

Homework doesn’t need to feel like a chore if you can create a learning corner where your kid enjoys spending time. To make it exactly to their liking, involve them in your hunt for the right desk for your child’s room. A properly furnished learning corner consists of three essential elements—a desk, a high-quality chair, and a good lamp. If your child has only now entered primary school, a height-adjustable desk would be a smart choice in the long run. The desk also needs to be steady and provide enough desktop space. Don’t forget to add pencil holders, a backpack hook, and for the youngest pupils ideally a desk mat as well to keep the desk clean. The final step is correct desk placement in your child’s room. It should be as close to a window or other natural light source as possible.

Comfortable seating for easy learning in your child’s room

Equally important is the choice of a chair. It should be flexible, ergonomic, and above all, comfortable. And what’s the ideal placement? It’s recommended the child sits with their back to the wall rather than facing it. First-year pupils in particular can get unnecessarily nervous with their backs to the door and find it harder to concentrate. To achieve a correct sitting posture, they must sit up straight with their back against the chair and feet flat on the floor. If their feet can’t reach the floor yet, get a footrest in your child’s room. If your little one can never sit still, consider opting for a chair without wheels for the time being. It will reduce the risk of unnecessary injury.

The first lesson in planning and organising your child’s room

All of us find it hard to concentrate in an environment filled with clutter. Children are no exception. It’s important they keep their desk tidy and easy to use even outside of their school assignments. Just like adults, children need enough storage space in their work area for their textbooks, notebooks, and other school supplies. If your child wants a desk without drawers, get at least a wall shelf or a small bookcase. School supplies should be nicely organised and easy to reach so that your child can pack their bag by themselves.

Every student needs enough light

A bright enough lamp is something no desk can do without. A right-handed child needs the light cast from the left, and the opposite is true for a left-handed child. An ideally placed lamp illuminates the surface from a height of 40 to 50 cm at a 70° angle. Children’s table lamps with fun designs and colours can add a playful touch to the work area of your child’s room. Whether your little one likes dinosaurs or is passionate about trucks, let their interests guide you when choosing the right accessories.

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