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Food based toys offer hours of fun for kids

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Role playing toys based around food have long been, and probably always will be, popular with children. This is largely to do with the fact that kids see their parents cooking meals every day and they want to do the same. However, for obvious reason they can’t. This is why food based role playing toys are so great. 

They allow children to feel like they can do exactly what their parents are doing. And they will have a great amount of fun in the meanwhile. Plus, you can use this to teach your child about health too. Children’s dentists, like https://yourdentistdarwin.com.au/ encourage parents to teach about good oral hygiene, and role playing food can help with this. 

One company which specialises in food based toys is KidKraft. They are well known for their array of kid’s kitchens and alike. This article will reveal some of the best KidKraft food role playing toys in order to give you some inspiration and ideas.

KidKraft Wooden Pastel Toaster Set

Who doesn’t like toast in the morning? This gorgeous pastel set is the ideal gift for any little one who loves their early morning snack. The set comes complete with a cute pink pastel toaster, a pastel blue plate, butter, two slices of toast and a knife. The butter included is held together by Velcro and so can be chopped with the knife. Moreover, the toaster handle actually presses down and pops back up. All accessories are beautiful crafted and made out of wood. 

KidKraft Red Retro Vintage Wooden Kitchen

This has to be the most stylish kid’s kitchen in stores and on the internet available today. The design of this kitchen is so sleek and stylish. It looks like it should be placed in one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants. The kitchen is bright red in colouring and it features silver elements. The features that are included with this toy are: doors which open and close, knobs which click and turn, a sink, storage space, a microwave, an oven and a cordless phone. What more could you want?

KidKraft Taste Treats Chef Accessory Kit Red

Every budding chef needs to look the part, and this accessory kit ensures that this is the case. The set comes complete with an apron, an oven mitt, a pot holder, a chef’s hat, a mixing spoon and a spatula. With this gorgeous red and white accessory kit there will be no mistakes regarding who is in charge of the kitchen.

KidKraft Pastel Smoothie Set

Your little one is sure to have endless hours of fun with this toy. Especially when she is pretending to make delicious smoothies for all of the family. The set includes strawberries, oranges and bananas. All of which are held together by Velcro meaning that they can be cut into pieces with the wooden knife which is part of the set. Furthermore, this smoothie set also includes two pink cups and obviously the smoothie maker itself. It’s a gorgeous accessory boasting a silver, pale pink, baby blue and lemon colour scheme.

Featured image by Breno Miyazaki Breno999 from Pixabay

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