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4 best cities in America to see the beautiful Fall Foliage

Of all the seasons to enjoy throughout the United States, fall is perhaps the richest time of the year in terms of its offered visuals. From stunning reds to glorious browns, the season brings various colors that create exceptional sights of fall foliage.

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But when you live in the city, you may not feel like traveling to the country to experience fall. At the same time, you may still yearn to see the sights of the season in person.

Thankfully, the solution is not that difficult. By visiting the following four cities, you can enjoy the fall foliage at its best while staying close to urban cities. This ensures that you can enjoy the best of both worlds without any compromise.

Best cities in the US to see Fall Foliage

1. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

With its incredible fall shades and picturesque fall foliage, this popular Pennsylvania city stands tall for a good reason. The streets are aligned with wonderful trees that show off all the colors of the season. However, that’s not all you can find in Philadelphia. The various suburbs on its outskirts have just as much to offer in terms of fall visuals.

While planning ahead for the fall, make sure to add visiting fall festivals and activities to your list to enjoy the season. Whether you want to see fall foliage by hiking or wish to experience pumpkin-picking, the surrounding suburbs lets you do it all. You can also book flights to Philly at competitive rates, which makes it a great choice if you’re trying to save money.

2. Troutdale, Oregon

Planning a visit to Troutdale often gets associated with trips to the Columbia River Gorge. There’s a very good reason for that. In addition to the regular sights of fall foliage within the city, the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area offers some amazing visuals of the fall season. This tour is especially wholesome for those who want to explore the woods on foot but don’t want to spend a lot of time traveling.

Through its magnificent waterfalls and flowing body of water, the gorge is an exceptional view. Since the area is an ideal sight for floras, the leaf-changing action here is one to behold. To take care of hydration and snacking during trips to the gorge, don’t forget to take a lunch bag with you.

3. Denver, Colorado

Whenever you are looking at cities with exceptional fall foliage, you cannot ignore the presence of Denver. Since the city is located near tall mountains, the backdrop of lush green earth turns to wonderful golden hues during the fall. This provides you with astonishing sights of the season via a simple trip to the Mile High City.

Fall foliage with a Denver city skyline

Throughout its downtown and residential areas, the city itself has various fall views to offer. This provides you with great opportunities to capture fall foliage through your digital camera. Since Denver often makes the list of places for a great travel experience, it also offers an abundance of options for transport, accommodation, and local adventures. In turn, you can take in the breathtaking fall aesthetic without any worries at all.

4. Boston, Massachusetts

As one of the major highlights of New England, Boston is known for its stellar education and research programs. But it also holds a reputation as the epitome of fall aesthetic. From chunky sweaters to warm beverages, you can see everyone from the area enjoying the season for all that it’s worth.

Besides its chilly weather and seasonal activities, Boston also offers wonderful fall foliage sights throughout its busy streets. Between the burgundy leaves that crunch under your feet and golden trees, you have a variety of views to admire on a simple city walk.

By looking into these cities, you enjoy fall foliage while staying close to the city. As a result, you can strike the ideal balance between your needs as a city dweller and your wish to enjoy the seasonal gifts of nature.

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